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Counselling and therapy are just two of the services we provide. We have a team of professional fitness trainers at renowned child specialists at your service so that we can help solve as many problems and concerns with great efficacy.



We provide you with one-on-one private sessions with your chosen counsellor to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. The counselling session focuses on your immediate or near future concerns, thereby equipping you with coping strategies that will help you handle your emotions. Add us to your support network and start healing right now.


Pouring your heart out to a complete stranger about your relationship may seem intimidating. But we’ve got your back. You can make it easier by speaking with our counsellors who are accustomed to talking about these topics without judging you. We help you clarify your feelings about your relationship and resolve relationship roadblocks before they become a deadlock.


Don’t worry if you’re not within the Soul Mechanics therapy centre’s proximity. We provide online counselling and that too with a simple signup process. With licensed therapists, Soul Mechanics therapy takes the spot of the best online therapy. Reach out to us and start your counselling session within the comfort of your home.


In this competitive world, we strive to help you clarify your career goals and understand your career options in a better way. You gain support from our certified counsellors who offer unbiased insights to help you develop the right strategies to determine your strengths and weaknesses.



We Help to Make a Significant Personal Change. Our Psychiatrist helps in giving you the power to make major changes in your life, and to help target the exact issues relating to your mental or behavioral health challenges.

Employee Care

Mental Health Services

Mental health workshops are effective for spreading awareness about mental health topics and reducing risk of depression. It increases the confidence to come out and seek help if one is under the radar – if one is facing mental health issues. Experience a greater sense of calm and peace (and increased productivity) with workshops that cater to employees’ mental health.

Leadership Training & Workshops

Nurture the future leaders of your organization with our leadership training & workshops. It not only helps you increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnover, but also improves corporate culture. Our training programs ensure that your employees’ strengths are honed & they can become well-rounded and effective mentors to their peers & staff too.

Counselling Sessions

From clarifying a problem to exploring opportunities for change, our counselling sessions help in the best possible way. It gives you time and space to work on your problems. Healing takes time but investing time in it is worth it. Regain your well being and give yourself a chance to be a part of our most promising counselling session.

Personal Development Modules/Courses

We work on everything – our friendships, relationships, careers – but never take time out for ourselves. That’s where our team steps in with personal development modules and courses to help you flourish and experience the feeling of well-being. Personal development does not mean you will always stay ahead of negativity, but it will help you deal with unfavourable experiences as they come. You will have greater confidence to combat the challenges with greater efficacy.

Child Specialists

Child Psychologist

We study your child’s subconscious and conscious childhood development. Our child psychologists observe how your child interacts with you, themselves, and the world to understand their mental development. You want your child to have healthy development, but it’s not always clear if a child’s behaviour is a symptom of a normal stage in development or a sign of an abnormality. Our child psychologists understand that and help you understand the difference.

Child Physiotherapist

Our Physiotherapy sessions help your child learn to successfully and independently perform gross motor skills and functional mobility skills. As a child begins to successfully develop these skills, it creates a greater form of independence that helps contribute to achieving a higher sense of self-esteem.

Autism Training

We build Strategies for helping autistic children develop social skills. We train their minds to reinforce positive behavior and celebrate strengths.


Fitness Trainer Individual (Online)

The idea of having a personal trainer is so exciting. Our fitness trainers create one-on-one virtual fitness programmes for you, motivating and guiding you to achieve your goals. You may wish to accelerate the process of losing weight or gain muscle, and our personal trainers teach and help you exercise properly using workouts and personalised plans.

Yoga Therapy


Individual Online Session
Group Sessions

Ranging from improving strength, balance and flexibility to benefiting heart health, Yoga relaxes you beyond limits. Our Yoga Instructors help you become more energetic with a brighter mood.

Nataraj meditation is one the different types of meditations discovered by Osho. It is done with the help of special music. The fundamental rule of this meditation is dancing. By dancing freely with the flow of music without any control of moves and enjoying it as much as possible. Feeling of playfulness is an important point we consider in this meditation.

We offer an opportunity to avail both individual online sessions and group sessions. Choose one and begin with the process of transformation.

Art Therapy


Our one-on-one art therapy helps you express your feelings and regain your sense of freedom and control. Sometimes we are reluctant to exercise our ability to express our feelings. Worry not. Come join us and avail our art therapy sessions to show their emotions without any verbal communication.

Couple Art Therapy

Our couple art therapy helps you improve communication skills between you and your partner. By helping you Discover the root causes of major points of your conflicts we strive to create better understanding.

Family Art Therapy

From improving communication to solving your family problems to understanding and handling special family situations, we help you create a better functioning home environment through our family art therapy sessions.

Child Art Therapy

We help your child to visually express and record experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination. We capitalize on their vast knowledge of art media and arts-based approaches to enhance our young clients’ ability to communicate through creative expression.

Personal Development

Tarot Reading And Guidance

Tarot card reading is an interesting concept that yields best results for the betterment of humanity. Our tarot card readers serve to predict your future and make you cognisant about some things that are unknown to you.

Personal Development Course Modules

Through our personal development course modules you can easily gain a sense of direction along with an Improved focus and More motivation. Say hello to More fulfilling relationships by accessing our personal development course modules right now.

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