Career counselling is meant for students who are undecided or need help with their future career or can be adults who need guidance on job change of direction of career. Career counselling is a one-to-one private session to help individuals achieve their prospective careers.

The counsellor would typically get to know you personally and may have clients to complete some personality-related or career-related assessments. This guides both the client and counsellor on what may be more suitable based on the results and interactions during the session. This gives the individuals a better position in understanding and going through their decision-making process. The counsellor would guide the client by providing ample choices of career possibilities and help them create their personalized career roadmap for the future.

Each session would typically last approximately 60 minutes with your counsellor, once every two weeks at Soul Mechanics unless stated otherwise.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    You can talk about anything that is on your mind – counselling is a safe space for you to pour out anything you feel you need to discuss or to help you process any difficulties you may be facing.

    Yes, what you say to your counsellor is confidential and all of our staff adheres to a code of conduct and policies regarding confidentiality. Information you provide with use will not be shared with a third party whatsoever.

    We are only able to offer counselling on a weekly basis. We have found that counselling is most beneficial when accessed weekly. Regular sessions allow trust, openness and connection to develop which are fundamental ingredients to making counselling work.

    You can choose to continue in counselling for up to 2 years. If you wish to have more sessions, please speak to your counsellor and an extension may be granted if it is clinically appropriate. You can discuss how long you wish to engage with counselling during your assessment appointment and as you work with your on-going counsellor.

    We are certified professional counsellors with over 2+ years of experience and continue to strive to offer a safe and quality service.

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    We're just a call away to get started with a tailor-made counselling session exclusively for your wellness.

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