A Few Words From The Founder

“Health without mental health is like a burger without cheese and Nasi Lemak without Sambal. So often, the word mental is associated with being called crazy. Perhaps that explains the stigma attached to mental health. Our health is inseparable from our mental health. Let’s normalize the need of having to talk about our mental health. Let’s normalize our feelings. Let’s normalize that we are tired, and it’s okay to take a break”

I started Soul Mechanics Therapy Centre in 2019, intending to build a community that aspires to break the stigmas attached to mental health.

Devi Venashinee Muruges, Founder and Managing Director of Soul Mechanics

Our Story

We aspire to break through all the stigmas attached to mental health and counselling. As such, we primarily focus on offering our clients a haven for them to say things in the therapist’s office with the therapist that would be hurtful to be expressed in the client’s living room.

Every experience deserves to be owned, every voice deserves to be heard, and everyone deserves to narrate their own story. You are entitled to navigate your life with a sense of self-awareness and justice.

We cater our professional assistance to individuals from various walks of life, including the queer community, as we value the lives of every being equally.

Our Promise
We promise to look after all your psychologist needs.
We commit to provide great care.
We aim to create a experience of safe space where people can casually talk and still be heard.


Our Collaborators

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Our Featured Collaborators

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Hippie Hub

Hippie Hub, established in 2015 with the vision of making yoga accessible for everyone. The aim is to create a welcoming and safe space where everyone feels comfortable as if they’re practising at home. The instructors are trained to teach for all levels of practitioner, whether it is your first time or you would like to deepen your practice – options will always be provided.

Hippie Hub is also an affiliation of YogaOneThatIWant studios (YOTIW), a fitness and health community, that was established in 2013 and has successfully formed a strong healthy lifestyle community in Malaysia.

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Veasy Yoga

Veasy Yoga is a team of certified Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers specialised in different fields, such as Gentle Yoga (Hatha), Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Triathletes, Yoga Nidra, Breathing & Meditation. It also organises Yoga Retreats and Detox workshops to improve physical health and to harness inner peace in all Group classes, Corporate classes and Customised 1 on 1 classes.

The Corporate class is specially designed for the stressed working adult with the goal of increasing productivity.

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We aspire to break through all the stigmas attached to mental health and counseling. Feel Free to contact us by clicking the below button. We are ready to consulting you according to your problems.