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The Who, Why, & How

The Who?

We help make a significant personal change. Our Psychotherapists helps give you the power to make significant changes in your life and target the exact issues relating to your mental or behavioural health challenges.

The Why

The How

Using tested psychological tools like inquiry, assessment, and rapport building, our counselors try to understand the root cause of the problems you’re facing.

By gently helping you become aware of the problem, we equip you with the tools you can use in daily life to tackle those issues head-on & set you on a path of recovery.

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Couple Session

Pregnancy Yoga (Mummy and Bonding Time)

The Support You Deserve Awaits You at Soul Mechanics.

When you are dealing with hard times in your life, like a death of a child or a breakup, or even a challenging situation at work, finding the right therapist can help you navigate grief and trauma, and find a path to recovery.

Book your appointment with one of Petaling Jaya‘s best therapists right now.

We work to ensure you are living your best life and have the quality you desire. Our certified counselors have helped people like you in building an emotionally resilient community for a happier tomorrow.

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    Our Mental Health Services


    We provide you with one-on-one private sessions with your chosen counsellor to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms.

    Pouring your heart out to a complete stranger about your relationship may seem intimidating. But we’ve got your back.

    We provide sessions to client to different states and different countries. Don’t worry if you’re not within the Soul Mechanics therapy centre’s proximity. We provide online counseling and that too with a simple signup process.

    In this competitive world, we strive to help you clarify your career goals and understand your career options in a better way.

    Art Therapy

    Our one-on-one art therapy helps you to express your feelings and regain your sense of freedom and control.

    Our couple art therapy helps you improve communication skills between you and your partner.

    From improving communication to solving your family problems to understanding and handling special family situations, we help you create a better functioning home environment through our family art therapy sessions.

    We help your child to visually express and record experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination.


    We Help to Make a Significant Personal Change. Our Psychiatrist helps in giving you the power to make major changes in your life, and to help target the exact issues relating to your mental or behavioral health challenges.


    Single Session/Packages Available

    Ranging from improving strength, balance and flexibility to benefiting heart health, Yoga relaxes you beyond limits. Our Yoga Instructors help you become more energetic with a brighter mood.

    Single Session/Packages Available

    Single Session/Packages Available

    Our Team in Kota Damansara, Selangor

    Our Mental Health Professionals

    founder 1
    Devi Venashinee Muruges
    Licensed Counselor

    I promise to give you a safe space while you sit and rewrite your story at your pace!

    Kelly Chan Jia Li
    Kelly Chan Jia Li
    Clinical Psychologist

    I believe that everyone has a chance to live an optimistic and meaningful life despite the challenges they face. As a clinical psychologist, I am committed to helping individuals in need achieve personal growth and a more fulfilling life by providing a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Therapy is not a scary process, but rather a courageous step towards healing and growth. In a world where you can be anything, let’s be kind to yourself.

    dana kaarina 1
    Dana Kaarina
    Art Psychotherapist

    I am a registered Art Psychotherapist under the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) currently based in KL, Malaysia.

    Our Team in Ipoh, Perak

    dr. daniel ding 1
    Dr. Daniel Ding

    Diagnosis and Treatment of common mental health disorders, including, but not limited to psychotic disorders.

    dr. gurmit kaur dhaliwal 1
    Dr. Gurmit Kaur Dhaliwal

    General psychiatry (mood disorders, psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, anxiety disorders etc).

    Three Steps Soul Mechanics Can Help You Walk Miles Of Smiles

    Contact Us

    To help you make your life better.

    Get Help

    On what you want to work on.

    Find Hope

    As we work together to get you there.

    Imagine If You Had ...

    A rhythm in your life & a heart opens for love and compassion.

    Tools to overcome daily stresses and major bouts of anxiety.

    A safe space for you to discuss your problems with your spouse, along with tools to resolve disagreements.

    The Road to Overcome habits that hold you back.

    A path to recovery from addictions that stifle your joy.

    A confidant whom you can talk to without being judged, who will listen to what you have to say and understand your perspective.

    An ability to clarify your values and boundaries to your family, friends, and even strangers.

    A life where you soak in joys and allow yourself to grieve when you need to.

    What if we told you that what we said may sound like a fantasy but is well within your reach? You can turn your life around with the help of a mental health professional who specializes in helping people find the right outlet for their grief and a solid grip on their lives.


    Sonia Chall
    Sonia Chall
    Ms. Devi to me has got to be one of the best therapist in Pj. She has helped me alot since I started. She makes it easy to talk and share things without any judgement. The staff at here as well are always friendly and willing to help.
    Lanisha Anusri
    Lanisha Anusri
    I'm a college student. I've been with soul mechanics for around 4 years now. Before that, I tried many different therapists in the hospital and private ones. Miss Devi has been the most helpful in getting my life back on track and healing my past trauma and moving on, as well as figuring out my future. She's non-judgemental and you can feel how much she cares. She gives firm constructive advice in a gentle way, and has many tools and activities to help you get better. I truly appreciate the help they've given me and the many others like me. It's so hard to find a good centre like this thats the perfect fit.
    Brend 127
    Brend 127
    This is my first time going to a therapist and this therapy centre in Ipoh was the nearest to my house. On my first visit, i was nervous but i was also very downtrodden and needed a leaning ear badly. Mrs Shaundtrya was my therapist at the time and im so glad i had her for my first and future sessions. Her sessions always felt calming and i didnt feel like i was being judged. She was very open minded and could connect with my traumas and helped in learning more about myself. I had thought my problems were small compared to others but she never invalidated my feelings or actions and instead made me realise that i actually did need help. By the third session, i saw my lifestyle improving and i no longer self harmed when i faced stressful and traumatic situations. My relationship with those around me also improved immensely when i understood myself more. I highly recommend this place as its very conducive and cozy as well as Mrs Shaundtrya as her sessions have helped me a lot🫶🏻 Its also not that expensive as you can choose how much you want to pay according to your budget and I got a student discount.
    Kamal Azraai
    Kamal Azraai
    For the past three months, I've been attending virtual therapy sessions with Ms. Devi at Soul Mechanics. Despite the distance, Ms. Devi's expertise and personalised approach have helped me navigate my anxiety with ease. Ms. Devi's professionalism and dedication to her clients' well-being are commendable. I highly recommend Soul Mechanics and Ms. Devi for effective, compassionate, and professional virtual mental health support. Their commitment to quality care has made a significant impact on my life.
    Adele V
    Adele V
    I have been with Ms Shaundtrya for a couple of online sessions and have benefited from her knowledge and experience. She is very approachable and is kind in listening and guiding me in the best way possible, which had left a positive impact in my therapy and life. She is very insightful and well versed in providing the best guidance in making me feel better and leaving a long term knowledge and practical ways to handle circumstances in the future. I truly appreciate and grateful to Ms Shaundtrya for the expertise in her field which allowed me to move towards a clearer vision in life, leaving behind baggages that I've carried thus far. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.
    Juliana Norza
    Juliana Norza
    I have been searching for a therapist in KL that made me feel seen and safe for a very long time so I am writing this review with experience. When I met Ms. Devi, she had a great way to never push her ideas on me. During my sessions with her, I’ve had my past experiences validated and listened to. I think my time with her is invaluable and I’m so glad I found a suitable practice for me in the end. Highly recommend her for those of you who are shy but willing to take the risk of taking a step towards healing.
    syafika wasir
    syafika wasir
    I’ve done 7 online sessions with my therapist from Soul Mechanic Ipoh branch, Ms Shaundtrya. She’s a very patient, wholesome and insightful person. She has been a wonderful help for me through all my therapy sessions. Ms Shaundtrya helped me to see things clearly and listen to everything I rant. A big thanks to her cause now im able to organise my thoughts and understand myself better.
    nur athirah
    nur athirah
    I love how my session with Ms Kelly feels organized and I gained a lot from the session. I felt heard ✅ a list of strategy ✅ coping mechanism ✅ psychoeducation ✅ Everything I needed from a therapist 💕
    Sachin Sachin
    Sachin Sachin
    After a few session, with Ms Devi I was really able to bring my stress, fear and anxiety under control. Moreover, she is really guiding and motivating me towards a right direction in my life. Finally, it is really making me to understand myself and overcoming the obstacles in my life.
    Lavanya Peram Kumar
    Lavanya Peram Kumar
    After taking counselling from Ms.Shaundtrya I have learned some methods to handle my mind well...was able to identify & understand my problems clearly now. Also discovered about myself...I've finshed my 5th session now & Im already seesing some huge improvements.

    Organizations We Have Worked With

    Our Featured Collaborators

    hippie hub logo 1
    Hippie Hub

    Hippie Hub, established in 2015 with the vision of making yoga accessible for everyone. The aim is to create a welcoming and safe space where everyone feels comfortable as if they’re practising at home. The instructors are trained to teach for all levels of practitioner, whether it is your first time or you would like to deepen your practice – options will always be provided.

    Hippie Hub is also an affiliation of Yoga One That I Want studios (YOTIW), a fitness and health community, that was established in 2013 and has successfully formed a strong healthy lifestyle community in Malaysia.

    veasy yoga logo 1
    Veasy Yoga

    Veasy Yoga is a team of certified Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers specialised in different fields, such as Gentle Yoga (Hatha), Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Triathletes, Yoga Nidra, Breathing & Meditation. It also organises Yoga Retreats and Detox workshops to improve physical health and to harness inner peace in all Group classes, Corporate classes and Customised 1 on 1 classes.

    The Corporate class is specially designed for the stressed working adult with the goal of increasing productivity.

    The Hardest Part Is Making The Call. It All Gets better From There

    It’s never too late to address the things that are bothering you and you are not too far gone to benefit from seeking help.

    Resist the urge to give up healing and call us to schedule your therapy session today. It’s just the right time for you to heal.

    Our Blog

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The first few sessions will allow the counsellor to explore and identify your concerns. Moreover, you will be able to gain better insight into yourself during therapy, allowing you to discover much healthier and appropriate coping mechanisms.

    The therapist will not carry out any form of diagnosis or prescribe medication. We have an experienced psychotherapist (Dr. Sharmila) on board who will be able to perform the diagnosis and prescribe medication to clients who need it.

    It is highly recommended for clients to attend the session biweekly. However, the therapy frequency will also depend on several other factors such as client’s affordability, client’s severity, and much more.

    You may go through our counsellor’s profile to select your preferred counsellor. However, if you are unable to choose a therapist, our admin will suggest the appropriate counsellor based on your concern and needs.

    You are requested to arrive fifteen minutes prior to your first session as you will be required to fill up some forms. For subsequent sessions, you can arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.

    A small notebook will suffice.

    You may voice your concerns to the admin and we will look for another therapist who will be compatible with your requirements.

    Upon confirming the first session’s booking, the counsellor will personally contact you within 24 hours via their number.

    Penalty fees will be charged for last minute session cancellation. Session cancellation has to be informed 24 hours before session unless it’s an emergency.

    Session fees will not be refunded for sessions that are already conducted. Clients may request for a different counselor if client is dissatisfied with assigned counselor.

    Online Therapy Available for Locations
    Outside Klang Valley

    We aspire to break through all the stigmas attached to mental health and counseling. Feel Free to contact us by clicking the below button. We are ready to consulting you according to your problems.