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You can use one of our books as a platform to merge the various types of journaling so that you can take care of your well-being.


Have you been on the hunt looking for that perfect journal, the one that truly vibes with your vibes? If you have dabbled in journaling but felt it was missing something, trust me, you’re not alone. Journaling may feel like craving for a good meal without wanting to do the dishes.

But hey, we’ve got your covered

Introducing our very own W.H.O Journal, your path to personal freedom.
At Soul Mechanics, we understand that your journaling journey is more than just putting pen to paper; it is your secret weapon to navigate through the rollercoaster of emotions. Our W.H.O journal isn’t just an ordinary journal, but it is your personalized GPS through Health, Mindfulness, Self-Expression and Stress-busting.

Imagine this: The cover of our journal is so plush and inviting; it is like an open invitation to a world of possibilities. Every page feels as smooth as your favourite playlist on a cozy Sunday, helping your thoughts to effortlessly flow through your mind, And that new paper smell? The scent of a new adventure eagerly waiting for you to take the firs step towards your path to personal freedom.

But wait, there’s more!

Grab an exclusive 5% DISCOUNT on your first therapy session with us, so your journaling journey kicks off with a bang All you have to do is just click on our website or WhatsApp us at +6012-722 9211 and we will take care of the rest. (Ps: Don’t forget to be a part of our mental health community to learn tips and tricks that can help you improve your mental wellbeing and living the best you have always dreamt of)

Get ready to groove with your mind, body and spirit with our W.H.O journal.
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