Counseling Therapy

Interrupt your anxious thinking and begin healing with the help of our certified counsellors.

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Talk. Resolve. Heal.

Our counselling services are confidential. We induce our counselling sessions with great comfort that sets you free in sharing all your problems with us. Your concerns remain between you and your counsellor. If you want respite from all your psychological concerns, we recommend you to get in touch with our counsellor immediately.

We deliver best-in-class counseling therapy to you at your own convenience.

Connect with our expert counsellors who prioritise your privacy and security and walk you through the path of healing.

Initial disclosure stage
We focus on relationship building in order to engage our client to determine the issues affecting them.
In-depth exploration stage
The idea is to extract every piece of information about our client’s grievances and ensure nothing is left uncovered.
Last stage or commitment to action stage
We help our client identify the accurate ways of problem-solving to achieve the target of holistic well being.
Combat the crux of the challenges.

Our three-stage counseling process yields positive results.

It enhances your ability to change your self-defeating behavior, develop better expression and effectively manage your emotions.

Planned goals
Tailored according to client’s concerns
Value based guidance
Progressive movement towards desired result

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    You can talk about anything that is on your mind – counselling is a safe space for you to pour out anything you feel you need to discuss or to help you process any difficulties you may be facing.

    Yes, what you say to your counsellor is confidential and all of our staff adheres to a code of conduct and policies regarding confidentiality. Information you provide with use will not be shared with a third party whatsoever.

    We are only able to offer counselling on a weekly basis. We have found that counselling is most beneficial when accessed weekly. Regular sessions allow trust, openness and connection to develop which are fundamental ingredients to making counselling work.

    You can choose to continue in counselling for up to 2 years. If you wish to have more sessions, please speak to your counsellor and an extension may be granted if it is clinically appropriate. You can discuss how long you wish to engage with counselling during your assessment appointment and as you work with your on-going counsellor.

    We are certified professional counsellors with over 2+ years of experience and continue to strive to offer a safe and quality service.

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    We're just a call away to get started with a tailor-made counselling session exclusively for your wellness.

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    We aspire to break through all the stigmas attached to mental health and counseling. Feel Free to contact us by clicking the below button. We are ready to consulting you according to your problems.