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We help ease child’s fear and anxiety by normalising the child therapy experience.

We do this through therapeutic play and immense emotional support. We work closely with your child to address his/her developmental and psychosocial needs. Since play is an important part of children’s lives, child life specialists use play in many ways to help children cope.

What We Offer

We help your child cope with the challenges of hospitalisation, illness and different abilities.

Decision-Making Skills
A childcare specialist needs to possess sound decision-making skills. Taking care of a child may give rise to complex situations. In such cases, a childcare specialist is required to take quick decisions to solve the complex issue.
Being Patient
A childcare specialist needs to be patient all the time. Dealing with kids can be tedious but being patient is the key to becoming successful. Kids undergo several stages of learning. This will give rise to situations that need to be handled with utmost patience.
Communication Skills
Childcare specialists need to communicate with the kids as well as their parents. Therefore, childcare specialists need to develop practical communication skills.
Monitoring Skills
The primary aim of a childcare specialist is to take care of children. For this, you will have to develop the ability to carefully monitor the activities of children.
Being Enthusiastic
A childcare specialist needs to be enthusiastic to make the students actively participate in different activities. The enthusiasm of a childcare specialist will be a great source of motivation for the children.
Creative thinking
Child care workers can be extremely creative individuals, especially when engaging with children. Planning fun activities, organizing events for children and keeping the children they work with motivated and engaged is a major aspect of our job.
Analytical skills
Analyzing decisions, weighing curriculum choices and monitoring children’s learning progress are all examples of how child care workers may apply their analytical skills.
Compassion & Empathy
Working with children and students of any age requires empathy, patience and compassion.

Why Choose Us

We provide affordable child psycholohgist services.

Hearing and solving your child’s concerns is our top most priority. We offer you our child therapy services at affordable prices so that your child doesn’t have to compromise on his/her holistic well-being and pay a price for it in future.

Our child psychologist can help your child overcome trauma of parents’ separation, a loss in the family, mood swings, ADHD, learning disabilities and more.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    Key Difference: A pediatrician refers to a physician who provides medical care to the children and infants. On the other hand, a child specialist refers to a mental health practitioner who provides mental therapy to children whose parents are involved in separation and divorce procedures.

    The job of a paediatrician is to monitor growth and development, prevent problems, as well as to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses or injuries of children and explain test results or prescribed treatments to their parents or guardians.

    • Knowledge of behavior and development.
    • Leadership.
    • Good communication.
    • Knowledge and understanding of group dynamics and its principles.
    • Ability to organize.

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