Mental Health Must be Prioritized

Why Mental Health is as important as Physical Health?

Mental Health Must be Prioritized

Why we should prioritize our mental health as much as our physical health?

There are two words that best describe the current phenomena in the domain of Technology, "constantly evolving". The world has been going through constant waves of evolution, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is speculated to replace almost everything around us. Lately, launching the AI Chatbot known as ChatGPT has been a game changer in artificial intelligence, where one can utilize the chatbot for almost everything including mental health concerns. The Chatbot is equipped with the capabilities to provide us with suggestions and tips for a wide range of problems. But here is the million-dollar question, "Will Artificial Intelligence replace mental health professionals?".

Will AI replace us?

Physical OR Mental Health?

On the other hand, physical health is often overemphasized when compared to our mental well-being. We often take immediate action when we experience physical pain. We have always not hesitated to spend on medicines, supplements and other medical products to boost our physical health. However, most of us would automatically feel reluctant to even explore our concerns pertaining to our mental health. More often, we even end up convincing ourselves that we are doing fine most of the time.

Self-diagnosis on our mental well-being, is it accurate?

Lately, ease of access to technologies has increased the habit of self-diagnosis. However, it is crucial that we ask ourselves the following questions:

Would the tips available on the Internet apply to everyone?
Are the results from self-diagnosis accurate?
Should we completely rely on the internet to treat our concerns?
Does the information provide on the Internet suitable match my concern?

Self-diagnosis has become more common, especially when aided by technologies like Google and ChatGPT

We often fail to realize that a decline in our mental health can cause health issues. For instance, someone having depression or emotional burnout may constantly feel drained and experience body aches. This can manifest by influencing us to incorporate unhealthy behaviours, increasing the risk of developing health issues.

Physical manifestation of mental issues.

Therefore, we need to note that there is a correlation between both our physical and mental health. The key to promoting self-improvement requires taking care of both our physical and mental wellness equally. When embarking on our journey towards mental wellness, we may encounter feelings, thoughts and memories that we have suppressed which may cause us fear when exploring our concerns. However, it is through this discomfort, that we will be able to sit with our feelings, explore our triggers, better understand ourselves and discover potential healthy coping strategies to cope with our concerns.

How to address our mental well-being concerns?

How to address our mental concerns?

One effective way to address our mental health concerns will be through therapy. With assistance from our professional therapists at Soul Mechanics, we will be able to share our concerns and intense emotions without the fear of being judged. Moreover, we can also understand the severity of our mental health concerns and explore the interconnection between our past and present. In addition to that, our therapists will also be able to guide us at our own pace when we are feeling uncomfortable during the process of exploring ourselves.


We can now understand that by taking care of our mental well-being, we can enhance our physical health by reducing the risk of developing secondary physical health issues caused by our mental health concerns and living a healthy life.

Join us and be part of a community that appreciates and works towards establishing balanced physical and mental well-being.

"Mental Health = Physical Health"

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