Workplace negligence

What Are the Signs of Workplace Negligence

What is Negligence?

Based on Cambridge Dictionary;

“(noun) the fact of not giving enough care or attention to someone or something.”

Based on American Psychology Association;

“failure to fulfil a duty or to provide some response, action, or level of care that is appropriate or reasonable to expect”

Workplace negligence is;

“A legal term that indicates workers’ compensation cases that describes a person or entity that fails to act reasonably, given the circumstance. While employer negligence refers to actions and omissions by employers that lead to property damage, loss, theft, illness, injury, or wrongful death”.

Short Overview

The Signs

Being disregarded at the workplace can happen to employers and/or employees. But how to spot if someone or we are negligent? Let’s look closer to below criteria:

Among Employer

1. Negligence of hiring in which the employers have a responsibility in screening the candidates, from the risky threat of injury to fellow employees, members of the public, or the workplace in general.

2. Negligence of retention in which employers may face liability for negligent retention when they are careless in taking corrective action against an employee after learning an employee was unfit after he was hired.

3. Negligence of training is when the employer doesn’t provide the right amount of training needed so that the employee can fully function on the job and provide exemplary service safely.

4. Negligence of supervision is when the employer gives an adequate yet not overwhelming amount of attention to the employee to ensure the employee implements a good work ethic.

Among Employee

Research performed by the Vanson Bourne research firm identified risky behaviours as below:

  • Opening emails from unknown senders
  • Viewing adult content on work devices
  •  Downloading apps from outside official app stores
  • Installing new applications without IT approval
  • Using social media for personal reasons at work
  • Using personal mobile devices for work purposes

Employees not aware of the consequences

Companies that dedicate time to teaching employees about the consequences of poor security behaviour will only have proactive employees about security. In addition, a better understanding of the consequences (the cost, inconvenience, and loss) can increase the motivation of employees at the workplace.

Employees don’t bother about the Consequences.

Choose an employee that is aware and intentional in work behaviour. This could determine the long-term security of our organisation, saving time, energy and cost too.

What can we do to reduce this?

There’s always a way to reform this negligence into accomplishment. To achieve this, the employee and employer need to work together, empathetic (emotionally and cognitively) to each other to make it happen. Below are some things we can consider along the way:

Give clear instructionUnderstand the instruction and requirements clearly
Give the right trainingAttend or go for training (if we lack in skills) for the job
Set rules and boundariesFollow the rules and boundaries set by the employer.
Check in regularly (willing to listen and tolerate)Be open, share and discuss about difficulty (if any)

To Conclude:

As a human, it is normal for some of us to be negligent, whether we realise it or not. Yet, understanding the signals earlier would help us to check on ourselves and make improvements for a better workplace. Be it employees or employers, we must tolerate and be able to discuss together until an agreement can be achieved. In the end, an organisation can only sustain itself when both employer and employer join hand in hand to fulfil the company’s goal.

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