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Couples Therapy; Why couples need it?

Relationships, although it’s rewarding to have someone through thick and thin, despite witnessing our unpleasant side, can also be challenging. Over time, couples may encounter conflicts such as emotional distance, and experience communication breakdown that becomes a threat to their peace and relationship stability. This...
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: An Overview

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a form of psychotherapeutic treatment that has proven effective in addressing various mental health concerns. These include depression, anxiety disorders, addiction issues, emotional difficulties, and severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality...
Couple Therapy Do I need it?

Couple Counseling

Have you and your partner been experiencing concerns about the relationship lately?Have you guys been experiencing constant arguments with one another? Couple Counseling might be something your relationship needs at this moment.Having arguments that always end in fights, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and resentments can damage...
Is Depression overated?

Is Depression Overated?

Depression. A commonly used term by many to term most negative or uncomfortable feelings we experience. Experiencing a bad day? Stressed? Annoyed? Frustrated? Or even Hungry? We often term it as ‘I am feeling depressed’. Have we ever wondered or researched what depression actually is?Depression...
Are you procrastinating or are you just being lazy?

Procrastination Vs Laziness

We often find ourselves confused and mistakenly assume that procrastination is synonymous with laziness or believe that procrastination often stems from laziness. These misconceptions may lead to difficulties such as feeling guilty and experiencing difficulties in overcoming procrastination.What is Laziness?Laziness can be defined as...

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

This blog walks through readers on what is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, how this approach works, what are the core elements of the approach and the benefits of this therapeutic approach.
Why Mental Health is as important as Physical Health?

Mental Health Must be Prioritized

There are two words that best describe the current phenomena in the domain of Technology, "constantly evolving". The world has been going through constant waves of evolution, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is speculated to replace almost everything around us. Lately,...