Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Written By: Shaundtrya Ganasan, Licensed Counselor (KB11097)

In a world often focused on fixing problems and addressing deficiencies, a refreshing and optimistic approach has emerged, aiming to mend wounds, celebrate strengths and cultivate joy. Welcome to the world of positive psychology, which focuses on the science of happiness, well-being, and human flourishing. However:

“Positive psychology promotes an unrealistic pursuit of constant happiness. Not realistic enough.”

“Positive psychology ignores the negative feelings and emotions.”

Positive Psychology

Well, positive psychology is not about denying or ignoring life’s challenges but rather about shifting the focus from adversity to strength. It seeks to understand factors that contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life, promoting the development of individuals and societies. Pioneered by psychologist Martin Seligman, this field aims to answer questions: What makes life worth living? How can we thrive rather than merely survive? Hence, let’s explore the principles of positive psychology more in-depth.

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Why is it important? 

Positive psychology is an approach that emphasizes more on strengths-based points and positive aspects. This makes a way for us to acknowledge and embrace our human life circumstances better. Below are some importance of positive psychology:

Holistic Approach

Positive psychology reinforces positive aspects of life. This focusing on positive human experience elements creates a balanced approach towards one’s psychological well-being.

Supports Mental Health

By focusing more on the positive life aspects, you can improve your overall mental well-being as well. Positive psychology is able to provide you with tools to improve your mental health which increases your life satisfaction as well.

Strengthens Relationships

Positive psychology also explores your relationships with your loved ones. It gets into the aspects of appreciation, love, and forgiveness, which fosters quality relationships with your loved ones.

Positive Psychology
Personal Growth

Positive psychology fosters us to acknowledge and focus on our very own unique abilities and life goals. Focusing on our uniqueness further cultivates personal growth by enhancing our resilience and improving our coping skills.

The Pillars of Positive Psychology (The PERMA Model)
Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are like the vibrant colours that paint the canvas of our lives. Positive psychology places a spotlight on the bright side of life, encouraging individuals to explore and nurture positive emotions. Its emphasis is not solely on fleeting moments of happiness but on cultivating a broader spectrum of positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, love, and contentment. The pursuit of positive emotions is not about avoiding negative ones but about creating a balance that enhances overall well-being.


Have you ever lost track of time because you are so engrossed in what you are doing? That is the concept of “flow” – a state where you are fully engaged and immersed in an activity that aligns with your strengths and passions. Engagement is about finding your flow, whether it is through work, hobbies, or relationships. Positive psychology encourages individuals to seek activities that provide a sense of challenge and absorption, contributing to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


Building and maintaining meaningful connections with others is a fundamental aspect of positive psychology. Healthy relationships provide support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. Whether with family, friends, or the community, investing time and energy into positive relationships contributes significantly to a happier and more satisfying life. Meaningful relationships are the backbone of our emotional well-being. After all, we are all social creatures, aren’t we?

Reminder: If you or your loved ones are struggling with mental health conditions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Soul Mechanics KD or Soul Mechanics Ipoh. Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but strength!

Positive Psychology

Meaning in life goes beyond day-to-day routines; it is about creating your life masterpiece. Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life is essential for well-being. It involves understanding our values and aligning our actions with a greater purpose. Positive psychology encourages individuals to reflect on what brings a sense of meaning and significance to their lives, fostering a deeper connection to their goals and aspirations. Hence, what gives your life a sense of meaning?


Setting and achieving goals, no matter how small, contributes to a sense of accomplishment. It is not just about the destination but also the journey and the sense of accomplishment along the way. Positive psychology recognizes that a sense of accomplishment increases self-esteem, motivation, and overall life satisfaction. Simply put, accomplishments are all about celebrating big and small successes and progress.

Positive Psychology Exercises

Here are some positive psychology exercises that you can start with:

Gratitude Journaling

One of the powerful positive psychology tools is to practice gratitude journaling. Practicing gratitude leads us to appreciate small little things to big things in our lives, especially during our lows. You can start by listing down three things you are thankful for each day. For instance, being able to get a coffee break, a friend dropping by, or even watching a beautiful sky.

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Three good things in life

Apart from expressing your gratitude, you can also list down at least one thing that went well each day or each week. This would further assist you to be more focused on the positive events and experiences of your daily life that you may unconsciously dismiss.

You at your best

In your journaling journey, you can also explore the times when you performed your best or the times when you felt proud of yourself. This further helps you to reduce your negative self-perception. 

Identify signature strengths

Exploring your strengths can be another powerful tool to embrace positivity. You can start to dedicate some time to exploring your strengths. Reflecting on your strengths would reinforce a more positive self-image leading towards increased self-esteem.

Performing random acts of kindness

You can start to make it a habit to engage in random acts of kindness towards yourself and others whenever time and your resources allow. It can be getting your favourite ice cream, offering a smile to a passerby or helping loved ones with their chores. These selfless actions without expectation or criticism can positively impact your mind and provide you with a sense of joy. 

It is also recommended to start your healing journey with a therapist's assistance. Therapists would equip you with specific tools to accept yourself and embark on your journey of embracing the positivity in you.

10 Benefits of Practicing Positive Psychology: 
Elevated Mood

The practice of positive psychology helps us to release more dopamine while leading us to experience an overall elevated mood.

Strengthened Relationships

Positive psychology practice also changes the way we view the world around us. This fosters a more meaningful and healthy connection with our loved ones.

Cultivation of Compassion

A compassionate mindset towards self and others can be further nurtured through positive psychology practice. It shapes us to be more self-accepting

Reduced Stress

Positive psychology practice also focuses on being in the present, which cultivates us to redirect our focus from our stressors; ultimately reducing our stress levels.

Reminder: If you or your loved ones are struggling with mental health conditions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Soul Mechanics KD or Soul Mechanics Ipoh. Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but strength!

Enhanced Resilience

The resilience and motivation to bounce back from challenges can be fostered through positive psychology practice. It provides us with a boost to handle setbacks and view it as an opportunity to grow.

Increased Life Satisfaction

Our past pain or present obstacles often make us lose focus on our purpose. Practising positive psychology helps us to be aligned with our personal growth and goals that lead towards achieving our life purposes.

Boost Productivity

When we start to engage ourselves in activities that align well with our strengths and passions, our productivity increases. Positive psychology guides us to focus on our strengths which enhances our motivational level as well.

Healthy Aging

Positive emotions, meaningful interactions, and emotional resilience are often promoted in positive psychology. This facilitates us to experience enhanced well-being and satisfaction, especially among older adults.

Improved Focus

Consistent positive psychology practice makes a way for us to be present in the moment. This enhances our concentration and makes it easier to stay focused rather than ruminating over unhealthy thoughts.

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance

Positive psychology practice can foster a more positive self-perception which also boosts our self-esteem. This also ultimately reduces negative self-talk.

Conclusion: Nurturing Your Sunshine from Within

Positive psychology offers a beacon of hope in your quest for a fulfilling and meaningful life. By integrating the principles of positive psychology into your daily life, you can gradually cultivate a more positive and satisfying existence. It is not about denying life’s challenges but embracing the bright side, fostering resilience, and navigating your life experience positively. In your journey of life, positivity is not just a destination but a companion that makes your path more enjoyable and rewarding.

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