Beating Stress And Trauma Through A Person-Centered Therapy

Beating Stress And Trauma Through A Person-Centered Therapy

Are you suffering stress due to the pandemic? As we all know, anyone can suffer stress and it can trigger anytime. It can be mild or worst that may lead to trauma. Coping from such a state might be difficult but there is the best way to deal with stress-related trauma in a humanitarian way. But first, let us know why do we suffer trauma?

Short Overview

What Causes Stress-related Trauma?

Stress-related trauma can be cured in different ways depending on its cause and severity. To choose the best approach for treatment we need to know the cause of our trauma. Lets us talk about some causes of stress that may lead to trauma. Take a look at this table:

long hoursinadequate salarymarital dissatisfactionsudden illness
tight deadlines
the increasing cost of living
job role dissatisfaction
prolonged illness/
severe illness
heavy workload

inability to pay bills /
Budget shortage
home chaos
environmental change
job insecurity

long term unemployment
infidelity or betrayal
health negligence
changes to duties

losing job
lack of compassion
unhealthy lifestyle
Beating Stress And Trauma Through A Person Centered Therapy

These are the most common situations that we used to encounter in our life. It seems so familiar to us yet it may affect our health if we neglect it. And sooner or later we can feel the need to recuperate. What should we do?

For some individuals, a simple therapy or massage is enough. While others sought tonics or medications. But what if we suffer traumatic events in life such as:

  • Divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Serious accidents
  • Crime/Violence
  • Natural or man-made disaster
  • Prolonged abuse


As we all know, anyone can be a victim of such unfortunate events. It may happen at any time. Victims may react in different ways. But note that this can lead to severe trauma that needs serious treatment. Now how should we deal with such an event?


How can they help you?

Psychiatrists will aid you to make a major change in life and help you target the exact issues related to your behavioral or mental challenges. They are willing to help us change things such as:

  1. Significant personal change.
  2. Improving your quality of life.
  3. Confront your fears.
  4. No more anxiety and depression
  5. Have your voice be heard.
  6. Become a better version of yourself.
Dealing With Trauma? Nearest Therapy Center in Kuala Lumpur

Experts use different tools and strategies to help you voice out. One way approach they use in treating trauma victims is called person-centered therapy.

What Is A Person-Centered Therapy?

Trauma victims are known to be aloof. A one-on-one session with a trauma-informed care specialist will help you achieve greater independence from the trauma and for the future problems, you may face. Their counseling strategies are compassionate and set up in accord with the situation required.

In person-centered therapy, the problem is not the focal point. The main focus of the therapy is the person itself. The main goal is to help the person to achieve independence and help him face the future without fear despite the situation. Allowing the person to explore and discover his personal identity.

How is person-centered therapy done?

Trauma patients are hesitant to voice out their fears. Listening unjudgementally is an effective way that psychiatrists apply for person-centered therapy. This humanitarian process of dealing with stress is done by applying these techniques:

Clients know best.

Setting boundaries.

Serves as a sounding board.

Treat patients with genuinity.

Ready to accept negative emotions.

As they apply these values in dealing with stress-related trauma patients, they can help them deal with the problem in a friendly way. Why do victims need it? This approach is a good way to build our self-confidence that has been damaged by the trauma. This will serve as our starting point for recovering our new identity and developing our interpersonal relationships.

How to find the best person-centered therapy center?

When looking for the best person-centered therapy center, we must consider many things. Answering the question below will help us decide which center is best.

1.1) Are they professionals?

1.2) Their experience scope.

2.1) Is there a broad choice of service?

2.2) Are tools available for treatment?

3.1) Is the center near to your house?

3.2) Is it easily accessible for you?

4.1) Is the center available always?

4.3) If in case of emergency, are they reachable?

5.1) Do they have a friendly service approach?

5.2) Can you feel the comfort you wanted?

If these questions are answered correctly and according to our preference then we can say we are at the best therapy center. Other individuals choose a free from discrimination therapy center. Knowing that stress or trauma can attack anybody, even a child, a center welcoming people despite gender identity is good to visit.


Indeed, trauma can be our worst nightmare that we don’t want to remember. There are times that we hardly escape from it. Knowing that there are individuals that willing to help us overcome those undesirable memories will encourage us to fight.

Remember that we can beat stress or trauma. If it seems difficult for us to face it alone, we can seek the hand of those experts in dealing with it. Let them guide us until we take control of our new identity.

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