Tarot card reading is not a one-size fits for your mental well-being or issues; it is a form of cartomancy. Tarot is a pack of cards, and the reader reading the cards helps reveal your inner secrets of life. Individuals who do not associate with organized religion but have a spiritual component tend to appeal towards tarot card readings. Any individual may ask questions to the reader regarding their topics of interest, such as money, family, business and more. The prediction begins with understanding the person’s present life circumstances and state of mind.

Tarot reading may be used as a tool for critical self-reflection, gaining a clearer perspective, gaining peace, decision-making perspective and helping focus on their needed area of improvement. However, it works better if you are open to it and has a degree of faith that the card you are pulling can be a source of insight into your issues or views.

It should be noted that tarot card reading can complement your therapy sessions but cannot replace therapy in any way. Consult your therapist if you are receiving sessions. Sometimes the reading may exacerbate psychotic symptoms, obsessive-compulsive behaviours and paranoia if the rich imageries are depicted wrongly. Tarot readers suggest that consulting your healthcare professionals is advisable for health-related decisions. If choices are non-medically related, consulting multiple tarot readers is advisable to avoid confirmation biases.

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