Fictional Character: The Idealistic Charms

Fictional Character

Fictional Character: The Idealistic Charms


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The vast sources of fiction have presented various kinds of characters. Writers have created them from the heart, putting on their features, and designing how they look. Fictions are presented in many mediums, such as novels, dramas, animations, and more. If you take a liking to a certain character, you can relate so much to how they accompany you in your fiction journey. 

We can’t deny that the world of fiction is timeless. It’s as if you can repeatedly dive into their world. You can ‘meet’ the characters through the story, even though it's through imagination. Sometimes, you can’t help but compare how the real person differs from your favourite fictional characters. Such cases can be romantically, or morally. No matter how ideal the fictional characters are, their flaws are not as real as true human beings. Thus, it is important to draw a line between how fictional characters are set and how real people are.

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The ideal side of fictional characters
Fictional Characters

The charms of fictional characters are very alluring. To make an engaging story, writers may implant interesting characteristics within them. It can be a quirky kind of behaviour. Very ambitious, intense energy, very bubbly, and so on. For designs, the characters will appear attractive, or have certain colors to imprint on your visual memory. Characters are modelled and shaped intentionally based on how the writers’ are going to narrate them. 

In other cases, writers might also decide to customize the characters to match people’s acceptance. A character cannot be too perfect, right? Or else the story will not progress to show development and it is harder to relate to the character. So, writers sometimes decide to include the characters’ flaws, imperfections, and struggles. This way, the audience will be more invested to see how the story unfolds along with the characters’ actions in facing those hardships.

That is why these characters can appear to attract your attention. Overall, these characteristics are subjective and can appeal to the audience’s preferences. It often makes you fantasize, idolize, or reflect on yourself when you observe the characters.

What makes fictional characters adorable?

You might have watched or read an immense amount of fiction. You may not admire every single character in that fiction. In a story, certain characters can hold a place in your heart. It can be the main characters or their sidekick. Soon, you may also begin to imagine these characters in your world. 

Let’s uncover what makes a fictional character to be very admirable.

Parasocial relationship

You may find yourself irresistibly attracted to your favourite fictional characters because you can imagine a special bond with them through dreams. Even though you are aware it's a one-way street and they don't exist or will never feel the same way, it still feels magical. This is because you get to shape your feelings the way you want them to be. This is known as a parasocial relationship. It's like having a crush who only lives through your imagination. You may be enchanted by them, but it also doesn't cause any real harm. The best part is that you have control over this connection entirely with no strings attached!

Safe zone

Fictional characters do not respond to your adoration. Despite that, you find comfort in their personality or characteristics since they fit your preference. Eventually, these imaginations can be a relief to your traumas or negative experiences in the real world. These characters can eventually turn into soothe the harsh reality you have been facing this whole time.

Fictional Characters

Venturing into knowing them can provide you with another perspective on life. This can create an escape zone for you to be away from reality for a moment. While doing that, your stress may be lessened and you may also feel more relaxed. It may make you feel at peace as you know they are not judging you for the way you are. Most importantly, they can’t hurt you.

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Over-idolising fictional characters

It is okay to idolize fictional characters to a certain healthy extent and it’s fine to integrate them as part of your entertainment. But, there are several reminders about these characters' unrealistic side, to advocate that fantasy is not always as dreamy as you thought it to be.

Let’s try breaking down the situation:


The fictional characters may possess traits that you have been searching for in a person. Ever since you found these qualities, you may prefer admiring them instead of connecting with a real person. But it will become unhealthy if the fantasies go out of control. For instance, you might avoid engaging in a real-life relationship because of the comparison. This may also make you to set unrealistic expectations in real-life and be less flexible towards flaws.

Unrealistic traits
Fictional Characters

Don’t hold onto how they are represented. It is fine to admire their positive traits. But if it’s too unrealistic, it may not apply to reality. No one is perfect in this world, so you should broaden your perspective by not limiting yourself to fictional characters' unrealistic traits only.


Since characters are written to portray fictional reality, the representation may not be accurate and fitting to how a real person usually behaves. This is the stereotype that you should beware of before you compare how these characters differ from people around you. At the end of the day, these characters are perfect because the writers modelled them to be so.

Managing Healthy Fictional Admiration

A heavy fixation on fictional characters can overwhelm your rationality, or you may feel there will never be a replacement for your admiration. Here are some ways to manage your fictional admiration healthily:

Remind yourself that good things have their ending

Every story will end, the same goes for the characters. As admirable as they are, they will not last long. Learn to embrace and let go of their ending journey. Place yourself in reality, in which you are going to live your life without being influenced by their standards. Place a barrier, by categorizing that the fictional character looks good in the story, but may not in real life.

Channel your feelings out

You can also try connecting with someone with the same struggle as you. This makes you feel more comfortable sharing your fantasies since they are also in the same boat. Talking with someone will make you feel more connected and you will find your ground in preventing from being engulfed in fictional dreams. Plus, it will also help you lighten your overwhelmed thoughts.

Lessen your time engaging with it

Separating from it completely is not the easiest job to control your fixation. During your free time, you can try spending time exploring other alternatives such as your hobbies or chatting with friends. This way, your free time may not be entirely on idealizing fictional characters. It also makes you feel more connected to the present reality and focus better on yourself.

Seeking Therapy

If you are struggling with your fictional character's fixation, it is suggested to seek a therapist's assistance. A professional therapist can guide you to gain deeper insight into the underlying that may lead to the fixation. Therapy also provides you with a space to process your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours so that you will be able to regain self-control over your fantasies.

Concluding Thoughts

In short, admiring fictional characters has its pros and cons. It can be unhealthy depending on the level it impacts us. It is important to seek assistance when these characters engulf you in the dream world, forgetting the present.

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