A mental health assessment used in the session helps both parties better understand what kind of support should be provided in further sessions. It is not a test or exam, but it helps the client understand and may ease the process of getting the right help.

Depending on the mental health assessments the counsellor prepares, specific assessments incur a cost or may be free or charged. Therefore, the counsellor would always ask before presenting an assessment to use during the session.

During the session, your counsellor may ask about your mental health symptoms, experiences, feelings, thoughts, emotions, physical well-being, psychosocial supports, practices, past experiences with similar problems, your own goals for the session and more.

At the end of the session, the counsellor may explain to you in clear language regarding the evaluation of your assessment. Clients are encouraged to ask questions about their condition, possible causes, treatments and how it may affect their life. Regarding the treatment proposed by the counsellor, the client should always be involved in deciding what intervention and treatment may be appropriate. If the treatment plan is not working, clients are encouraged to speak out so the counsellor can use another approach or new assessment to find a better plan.







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