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  • 性别肯定的咨询师
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  • Mercy pricing for people from lower-income groups


Check our healing services in Sunway, Selangor.

Our counseling services are confidential. We induce our counselling sessions with great comfort that sets you free in sharing all your problems with us.
The best psychiatrists are usually booked up really fast. The high cost of finding a psychiatrist to talk to can make you go crazy.
Child Specialists
We are professionals trained to work with children to ensure their holistic well-being.
Our experienced trainers at our therapy center in Sunway help you get in shape at your own pace.
Art therapy can have a powerful therapeutic effect on people’s emotions.
We help you realize that you are the most valuable investment you will ever make.
To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. If businesses fail to serve their people first, both customer and company will incur huge losses.
Mental Health
We work to ensure you are living your best life and have the quality you desire. Our certified counselors at our therapy center in Kota Damansara have helped people like you in building an emotionally resilient community for a happier tomorrow.

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We are Most Trusted Therapy Center in Sunway, Selangor.

Looking for a reliable mental health services provider in Sunway? We are Malaysia’s top-rated therapy center in Sunway.

Our services are affordable and our counselors are all licensed. Our founder and team members have been featured on Britishpedia’s List of Successful People in Malaysia and is widely considered groundbreaking entrepreneur.

Her team of passionate counsellors, mental health therapists, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists run this women-owned therapy center near Kuala Lumpur.

Whether you’re an adult, child, or an organization that wants to invest in employee care through mental health workshops – Soul Mechanics has something for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Mental Health Services in Sunway, Selangor.

Key Difference: A pediatrician refers to a physician who provides medical care to the children and infants. On the other hand, a child specialist refers to a mental health practitioner who provides mental therapy to children whose parents are involved in separation and divorce procedures.

The job of a paediatrician is to monitor growth and development, prevent problems, as well as to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses or injuries of children and explain test results or prescribed treatments to their parents or guardians.

  • Knowledge of behavior and development.
  • Empathy and professionalism.
  • Good communication.
  • Knowledge and understanding of group dynamics and its principles.
  • Ability to organize.
  • Licensed qualifications in psychology.

If you are wondering how to choose a psychotherapist, call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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