Body Image: Issues Pertaining Dissatisfaction

Body Image

Body Image: Issues Pertaining Dissatisfaction

Written By: Rose Mardiah Mazlan (Intern)

Verified By: Kelly Chan Jia Li, Clinical Psychologist (MAHPC(CP)00353)

In today’s world, body dissatisfaction is like an unwelcome guest.

Body image concerns have been circulating in our society on an everyday basis. It’s either that we inflict judgements on another person or it is the nagging voice within us that tells us that our body is not pretty enough or perfect enough.

Body image dissatisfaction often leaves significant impacts towards one who is experiencing it. The effects of body dissatisfaction extend beyond just feeling unhappy with how we look. The impacts can be very self-damaging and the conditions can deteriorate our quality of life. Thus, we must not underestimate its significance.

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Body Image

Exploring Body Image Obstacles


Body dissatisfaction is a strong risk factor for developing other mental health conditions. The possibility of experiencing depression can increase if you are overwhelmed with your body image to the point of disliking yourself. Aside from that, body image dissatisfaction will affect your perception of body weight, leading to preoccupation with weight loss ideas and potentially compromising mental well-being. Having body image dissatisfaction will result in low self-esteem. Consequently, low self-esteem, coupled with weight loss efforts, can lead one to experience depressive symptoms. 


Body image is a major risk factor in developing eating disorders due to frequent dieting, unhealthy weight control behaviours and bulimic symptoms. Eating disorders pose significant risks to both psychological and physical health, with profound implications for society. Eating disorders can cause severe health outcomes, which include mild anaemia, muscle weakness, brittle hair and nails, constipation and low blood pressure. They are all detrimental to us since disordered eating revolves around unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy weight control practices.


Body image dissatisfaction can also mitigate the risk of obesity and overweight due to its association with rigid control of body weight. For example, body dissatisfaction is related to many unhealthy weight control behaviors, such as skipping meals, self-induced vomiting, and laxative use. These behaviors can consequently cause us to have low fruit and vegetable consumption and less physical activity, especially among youngsters.


If you’ve been struggling with body dissatisfaction, improving your body image can be helpful to embrace your body appearance and instill self-love towards yourself. Below are some ways you can start embracing your body image:

  • Spend time with people who focus on positive body image.
  • Practice positive self-talk. For instance, "I am agile" instead of "I have a huge frame".
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.
  • Appreciate your body's capability and skills through sports, dancing, or cooking.
  • Pamper your body with a massage or spa.
  • Involve in physical activity that makes your body active and energized.
Body Image

JOURNALING as a Way to Deal with Body Dissatisfaction

Overcoming body dissatisfaction requires deep thoughts to revisit your underlying conflicts. To tackle this root problem, journaling can be one of the alternatives that can be helpful for you to embrace yourself. 

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By journaling, you can reflect on your feelings and thoughts about your body image. It helps you to explore deeper how you see yourself, your perception, what triggers those feelings of dissatisfaction, and how they impact your life; paving a way towards healing body dissatisfaction.


Through journaling, you can list down things that make you appreciate your body. It can also include what you are good at or strengths that do not concern your appearance. Being grateful will help you to instill self-acceptance and self-compassion along the way.


Whenever there are negative thoughts about your body, you can journal them down. You can challenge the thoughts, such as “I look ugly”, by exploring why you feel so and how true the thoughts are in reality. This helps you to gradually break free from self-limiting, unhealthy body image beliefs.


Write the positive goals that you intend to achieve with your body. It helps you to have a clear body image vision to work towards rather than being harsh on your body image. These affirmations can also be repeated to enhance positive self-talk.


Take note of the moments when you felt great about your body or when you noticed improvements in how you perceive yourself. This helps to recognize your positive body image experiences and motivates you constantly by remembering your self-acceptance journey.


At times journaling alone may not be sufficient, hence seeking therapy can also be beneficial in your body image embracing journey. Sharing your struggles with a therapist can provide valuable support and encouragement on your journey towards body acceptance. It also provides you with a safe space to share your struggles; making you feel seen with your silent struggles.

Body Image

It is undeniable that body image concerns can be too overwhelming for one and it impacts their thoughts significantly. Hence, professional help can be your gateway to address this condition. A professional therapist will help you to identify and unveil your struggles. Simply put, therapy assists in altering your behaviour, and reshaping your unhealthy thoughts and feelings about your body image.

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