Sound healing sessions can be conducted as a group of clients or a private session with just your therapist. Sound healing may address sleep disorders, anxiety, stress management, depression, pain management, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. According to findings by Goldsby et al. (2022), sound healing has been shown to improve spiritual well-being and mood and lower depression.

Sound healing therapy helps us shift our perspective, preventing us from experiencing optimal homeostasis. Sound allows the client to induce relaxation and includes moving through blockage areas. Frequencies of sound allow transmissions that create physiological reactions in the body and may help modify our relationship to pain and discomfort. It helps to slow down brain waves to a deeper restorative state of mind which helps to activate the body’s self-healing. This was supported by numerous studies that sound healing could alter brainwave states to induce a state of relaxation (Ann & Bae, 2017; Hassan et al., 2012; Hohashi et al., 2004)

Typically, the therapist would have you lie on the floor or on a yoga mat to relax. Then, they will begin to play a variety of instruments and “bathe” you in soothing vibrations created. Most clients would find the session relaxing and may experience visualizations or go through emotional breakthroughs.





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