Workplace Diversity

Why is Workplace Diversity Important?

Diversity based on Cambridge Dictionary is:

“the fact of many different types of things or people being included in something; a range of different things or people.”

Diversity based on American Psychology Association:

“the broad scope of dimensions of race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, class status, education, religious/spiritual orientation and other cultural dimensions”

Diversity in our country Malaysia is common and something we have assimilated for decades. We live in harmony and respect each other’s differences in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, political beliefs, religion and belief system.

Since our nation is full of a diverse population, it’s expected we live and even work in diversity.

Yet, do we know what makes it important? Do we really need it in every place? Is it beneficial? Let’s dive into it why it is a concern:

Short Overview

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

1. Boost critical thinking & problems solving
As team members, we’ll be more flexible in approaching certain issues. We’re open to looking at things from different perspectives and being empathetic (mentally and emotionally). We also use the advantages of differences, talents and strengths to cultivate the best way to solve the conflict in a better way.

2. Attract talents
When our company supports diversity, many more talents and quality candidates are attracted to join and be a part of the company. This shows that the company is more open and supports individual differences

3. Improve corporate attractiveness
It appeals to potential business partners, collaborators, and society at large. Over the years, research showed that employers that hire employees of diverse backgrounds received positive attention from the media, society and governments worldwide.

4. Improve performance & productivity
Researchers find it fruitful that a diverse workplace creates healthy competition among employees. This can help each member of the company to keep improving and utilising their skills at their job

5. Customer-friendly
With a variety of us working together, this represents the organisation as an accurate projection of society. We will serve and assist customers from different backgrounds of customers too. By hiring diversity in the organisation, we better understand and empathise with the customer’s needs. This will help us to serve the customers in a more personalised way.

To recap

A diverse workplace leads to many beneficial and good things for the organisation. Nevertheless, it may be a disaster if not managed properly. This is because not only the management but employees have the tendency to face problems like language barriers, clashing attitudes, and differences in perceptions. All these are directly related to human behaviour, which will affect any organisation’s productivity sooner or later. We also should consider starting to practise diversity at a very young age (at schools or nurseries, etc.). Or start with us by understanding and accepting that we are different from each other and have our own limitations because we are a part of the diversity.

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