Where should love come from

Where Should Love Come From?

We are always told to love one another, to nurture and grow love, also some would like to believe that love is everlasting and undying. Love can come in many forms but is always directed towards ‘ X ‘.
X can be people, anything alive, material objects, an experience, etc. Hence in a way, love can be universal without limit of boundaries and time, but where does it come from? 

The first moment this feeling is acknowledged and felt inside is when our brain receives oxytoxin, a hormone that is secreted through the activation of sensory nerves during labour, breastfeeding, sensual touching, and even as basic as warmth.

Through science, we can probably conclude that each and every one of us is born through love and with love to promote procreation and nurturing of the next generation. We are all born deserving.

Our primary care giver will then proceed to nurture and love us as a child while teaching us ways to love ourselves. 

Where Should Love Come From? – Soul Mechanics Therapy

Basic self-care as a form of self-love is shared by parents through emphasizing sleep, nutrients, and ensuring safety. Later, more forms of love start emerging as we get pleasure from play and building connections with our peers, the opportunity for the love of experiences, and love of others. 

Ideally this is the natural flow of how a person receive unconditional maternal and paternal love, to learn the importance of maintaining it for survival and then to share. It is common to hear others say that they love to sleep, love to eat, love to feel secure, love to have fun, loving family, siblings, friends, and their partner in life. Love can be directed inner and towards outer elements. 

Where Should Love Come From? – Soul Mechanics Therapy

However, sometimes due to misfortune or unfair circumstances of growing up, sometimes an individual can be placed under a harsh living environment or conditions that makes the presence of love less likely.

The individual will then have be able to do their best to start love from within, to live one’s life with love for oneself instead of demanding love from all around. So that one day when the opportunity arises, one will be able to share and spread love.

So love can be one-sided or mutual and it can be either conditional or unconditional, but love is also an option. If you want it, you can choose to love. If you seek it from your surroundings, remember it is already in you. Start by loving yourself and one day you will be able to another. We are all capable of love the moment we are born, we just have to be open to it, all forms of love. 

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