What Is Your Or Your Partner’s Love Language?

What is your or your partner’s love language?

Have you ever done something for your partner and thought it would bring an incredible happiness to him/her, just to realise they weren’t all that excited? We all express our love in different ways and also prefer to receive it in different ways. Today there are 5 known love languages, that were developed by Gary Chapman. Here is a run through all of them to help you understand yourself and your partner better.

Words of affirmation

Description: Do you enjoy it when your partner showers you in compliments and praise? Do you often read uplifting quotes and write cute notes to your other half? Chances are you prefer to communicate and receive love through spoken words. Encouragement, compliments, love messages and kind words are the best way to make these will feel appreciated, loved and understood. 

Actions: love notes/texts/cards, encouraging comments, compliments, genuine verbal appreciation

Physical touch

Description: For this love language people tend to prefer physical attention more than verbal. Kissing, holding hand and hugging could be the best way to connect with this type of person. Intimacy and physical proximity are vital parts of their love expression. 

Actions: make physical contact a priority, kiss, hug, hold hands, give a massage

Quality time

Description: If your partner enjoys deep conversations with and expects you to be fully present with them, most probably their love language is quality time. It is important for them to have no distractions when spending time with their loved ones. 

Actions: create memories together, engage in recreational activities, maintain eye contact and focus when talking to them, avoid using your phone during conversations

Acts of service

Description: Are you a firm believer that actions speak louder than words? Are you happier when your partner makes a cup of coffee for you in the morning than if he/she gave you a bouquet? Most probably your love language is acts of service. You appreciate it when your partner makes your life easier by sharing workload and helping with daily tasks.

Actions: help with chores, share their workload, do small attentive things (e.g. put petrol in their car, make tea for them when they are sick)

Receiving gifts

Description: Gift giving is a universal, visual expression of love. For the people who speak the language of receiving gifts it’s not the price that matters, it’s the thought behind the gift and the personal value they attribute to it. It is important for them to know that behind the gift there is consideration, effort and time, this shows them that you know them well and appreciate them. 

Actions: give thoughtful gifts, show grand gestures, appreciate a gift when received from them,  give flowers, think of gifts that represent the person
Once you’ve established your partner’s and your own love languages it is important to learn to “speak them”. Gary Chapman has helped millions of people all over the world to improve their communications through this simple understanding. We truly hope that this information can bring more peace and love expression into your relationship as well.

Meanwhile, show your love, stay home and stay safe!

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