Interpersonal intelligence is the ability of a person to interact and relate with people effectively when managing interpersonal relationships. It also involves the understanding of verbal and non-verbal social cues from others, then interacting with them in appropriate ways. This understanding enables the person to understand and empathize with other people’s needs and motivations. As such, the person is sensitive to other people’s moods, feelings, motivations or temperaments in interacting with them.

People with high interpersonal intelligence can communicate effectively and enjoy having discussions or conversations in different social settings. This makes them easily stand out in a crowd as they can quickly adapt to social situations and develop new interpersonal relationships. They can often become leaders among their peers, as they are good at communicating and understanding others’ feelings and needs. They are more inclined to be teachers, therapists, social workers, actors, salespersons and politicians with this high interpersonal intelligence. Some famous individuals for good interpersonal intelligence are Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and so on.

interpersonal intelligence

High interpersonal intelligence helps develop more meaningful relationships, making you understand one another better by having heartfelt conversations. It helps to build rapport and trust with each other and, subsequently, develop a strong, bonded relationship with another person. Also, it helps reduce or resolve conflicts more effectively, as it cultivates mutual respect and admiration with one another. From this, you may be more aware of and receptive to others’ different perspectives and advice, and come to a consensus quickly when you can identify practical solutions that reach standard agreements.

More importantly, it also helps develop and improve your leadership skills so that you may connect and relate with the team or people you lead. With high interpersonal intelligence, you may have the skills to encourage and inspire them to improve the team’s spirits and, simultaneously, portray some positive attitude and humility to others. The strong bonds you have with them also mean that you can influence other people by providing suggestions or solutions that they are more willing to consider. Therefore, it helps you become a successful, compassionate leader to people feel safe to turn to when needed.

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