What Does Psychology Say About Music?

What does psychology say about music?

Many people today cannot imagine even going out to get some water without headphones. We try and surround ourselves with music because we find it entertaining, soothing or just cancelling the noise from the outside. But music has many other benefits to your thoughts and behaviours. We are so heavily influenced by music that there is even a music therapy! Let’s talk about all the possible advantages of playing that song you really like.

Better general well-being

Music is a good stress reliever! Music has an effect on our nervous system thus helping us manage stress better and recover from the stressful event faster. Another magical effect of music is sleep improvement. For people who are unable to fall asleep soothing music could be a very attainable and effective remedy.

Cognitive improvements

There has been a lot of research into the topic of music when studying. It has been shown that playing instrumental music at the background of another task can improve your performance in that task. Music can also help you memorise better, but again if you opt for instrumental compositions. Beware of the music with complex lyrics, they might actually just distract you.

Mood & motivation

Have you ever noticed yourself choosing upbeat music when you exercise? Well, as research suggests, upbeat music is a good way to keep you motivated, excited and even working harder. Moreover, music can have a great effect on your mood. Sometimes when we are sad we listen to sad music (really just giving ourselves no room to escape the feeling), but next time try to listen to something that you find happy and see how your mood changes!

With this knowledge of some of the amazing benefits of music you can start improving the quality of your life. If you are one of those people who cannot imagine their life without music try these simple things:

– Create a playlist of your favourite instrumental tracks for when you need focus

– Download some upbeat songs that can help you boost your motivation and performance 

– Find a couple of soothing melodies that can help you relax, sleep or just get in tune with yourself

– Favourite some happy songs that can get you out of bad mood

Now that you have these playlists you can easily access them and use to your advantage. The key here is to pick the music that truly resonates with you and that you really enjoy. 

Meanwhile, listen to your favourite tunes and stay safe!

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