What Does Media Say About Love?

What does media say about love?

Have you ever watched a romantic film and felt like there was something wrong with your relationship? Have you ever felt that what you see on the screen and what you have in real life are two completely different things? Well, you are not alone here. Media tends to impose certain standards of what relationships should look like and sometimes the reality is really far from it. Here we would like to present some common misrepresentations, so you can easily spot them and not let them bring you in the state of worry.


Many movies (even if they are outside romantic genre) often portray the need to be in a relationship. Even though according to statistics over 50% of the US population are single, US cinematography often shows quest for a partner as the ultimate road to happiness. It seems that there are almost no happy and fulfilled characters in shows and movies that have no partner. It is important to note that many people nowadays are reluctant to get into relationships and are often independent. So, in case you are single and feel sad (or even guilty) about it after watching TV, don’t worry, you are actually a representative of the majority today and should not be shamed for your desire to concentrate on yourself right now.

Partner Expectations

Flowers every day, spontaneous trips to Paris, one argument throughout married life and great couple adventures after a long working day. Does it sound like your life? If you answered yes, who are you and how do you manage (Share your secrets with us!)? But the majority of us tend to give presents to our partners on special occasions, save for years to go on a trip together and have small quarrels almost on a daily basis. This is life. Media tends to idealize relationships and courtships. And while we all would love to have such “perfect” relationships, we are all only human and can get sad, tired or broke (just like our partners can too). So, don’t feel like you are not in a perfect relationship for you if it does not match the “standard” of Hollywood. 

Inappropriate behaviour

You see the “knight in shining armour” fighting for his love regardless how many times she/he says “no” and you feel inspired and find yourself rooting for that character. However, how often in real life do you want people to keep on coming at you even after you told them to leave you alone? And what about that unconditional forgiveness they portray on the screen, showing that “true love” can withstand any difficulties. But it is obvious that there are some things that you wouldn’t be able to forgive. Cinematography often pictures unhealthy boundaries, aggressive and overly sexual behaviour and even stalking. But instead of educating people about those issues it is more often than not shown in a positive way, which becomes problematic when applied to real life. When watching movies try to pay attention to those things and make sure not to reflect those as a norm.

Of course, TV is not an enemy and what we take away often depends on our personal perception and knowledge. It is important to continue learning and educating others (in a very gentle way) to make sure that those relationship stereotypes from movies do not rule over our daily lives.

Meanwhile, stay away from stereotyping, stay home and stay safe!

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