Top Psychotherapists in Kuala Lumpur: Our Experts’ 7 Picks

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports mental illness to be the leading cause of disability in the world. In Malaysia, one in three suffer from acute mental health issues, but only a handful of people actually seek help for those issues. 

There is still a taboo surrounding mental health in Malaysia and not many people talk about it. People with mental illnesses are either not aware of their disease, or are stigmatized and left to their own devices. With the rising youth population, there’s a shift towards making mental health as big a priority as physical health, but the process of selecting a psychotherapist to work with can still be daunting. Even though city centers like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and other parts of Klang Valley have many psychotherapists who can aid people immensely — people may struggle with choosing the right psychotherapist. They don’t know what they should look for, and who can they trust.

Fret not. We at Soul Mechanics are huge proponents of mental health, and want people to get the help they seek — even if it’s not with us. Our experts have combined this list of top psychotherapists and top mental health clincs in Kuala Lumpur to give you a headstart.

Our Experts’ Vetted List of Famous Psychologists and Top-Rated Mental Health Clinics in Kuala Lumpur


Soul Mechanics Therapy

Soul Mechanics Therapy Centre

As one of the only LGBTQIA affirming mental health clinics in Klang Valley, Soul Mechanics takes a holistic approach to mental health and wellness with services ranging from counseling sessions, psychiatry, personal development, yoga, and more. 

It aims to provide not only licensed counseling services but also additional support services a person may need access to in their journey of wellness. On the same day, a client suffering from anxiety can get a therapy session from licensed counselors that have PhDs in their fields of psychology — and go and learn mindfulness & breathing exercises with a trained yoga therapist who helps them reconnect with their sense of self. 

It gives them a unique edge as compared to other psychology clinics in Petaling Jaya and neighboring areas. Run by a woman from a minority group in Malaysia, Soul Mechanics is run by therapists who understand what it means to break stigmas. Their empathy for patients builds trust and reliability between them. 

The standard session fee is RM250 under the LKM. However, they also offer sliding scales for individuals earning less than RM5000 if this applies to you.

  • Licensing: Licensed and Registered Counselor, Malaysia 

People Psychological Solutions 

People Psychological Solutions Centre

Mental Health experts at People Psychological Solutions help adults to achieve their mental wellness by providing a wide range of psychological assessments, counseling and therapy services, and corporate services. 

Each therapist is proficient in English, Malay, and Mandarin which makes it convenient for their clients to feel more comfortable and perceive therapy as more meaningful. 

They work with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, and other mental health concerns. With their dedication in assisting their clients to make sense of their current situation, they help them cope with their struggles by working on their holistic mental well-being. 

When it comes to their expertise in providing mental health services, their therapies are evidence-based which are supported by the best available clinical evidence and lessen the use of unproven, potentially unsafe treatments.

People Psychological Solutions offers services that cater to organizational needs in the fast-paced world of work. When it comes to addressing the psychological needs of your organization’s human capital, they have always got your back.  

For corporate services, rates vary depending on the scope of services that are being provided, but the initial consultation after psychological assessment with a qualified member of our team is RM250 per session, and the rates for each counseling session are RM250 per session.

  • Location: 1 Mont Kiara, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 50480, Malaysia.

  • Licensing: Licensed and Registered Counselors, Malaysia 

  • Contact:

The Mind Faculty- Psychiatry and Psychology  

The Mind Faculty Centre

With over 25 industry-leading practitioners, The Mind Faculty is a private organization that offers a wide range of online and in-person services that include psychiatric, psychological, counseling, and complementary therapies. These services are provided in an open and welcoming environment. 

Since they have several mental health experts, you get to choose the therapist that suits your needs. Employing a multidisciplinary approach in treating mental illness is their USP. 

They are an HRDF certified organization that offers corporate services for organizations across different industries. They offer a wide range of services from confidential therapy services to corporate talks and training.

They strongly believe in moving away from labels such as ‘bipolar’ or ‘schizophrenic’ and treating the person. Their focus is on the emotional and social aspects of a client’s issues. Their charges for assessment and treatment for depression start at RM 150. 

They launched TMF Academy to make their high-quality mental health services accessible to the whole community. A session begins at RM 120. They assist you in assessing your mental health issue and introduce you to ways to manage and overcome it. Their associate practitioners are supervised by a senior practitioner from The Mind Faculty to ensure that their clients are receiving quality and compassionate care.

  • Location: Suit 11-G & 11-1, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris, Off Jalan Duta Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

  • Licensing: Licensed and registered counselors 

  • Contact:

Tan and NG Psychiatry Clinic {PJ HQ}

Tan and NG Specialist Clinic

Tan and NG Specialist Clinic are leaders in providing a wide spectrum of mental health services and collaborate with various local teaching institutions and non-government organizations to provide mental health education and increase mental health awareness among the public. 

They are proficient in Cantonese, English, Malay, and Mandarin with a degree in Master of Psychological Medicine{MPM}. They are registered specialists by Members of the National Specialist Register and have completed the course of the Malaysian Medical Council. 

With an affordable pricing structure, they provide services like counseling, grief debriefing, psychotherapy, and medication to regain control of your life and become the best version of yourself. 

  • Location: No 51, Level P1, Blok D, Jaya One No. 72A, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia 

  • Licensing: Licensed and registered counselors 

  • Contact: +60379606288

Kin and Kids (KL)

Kin and Kids Therapy Centre

If your marriage is on the verge of divorce, or your child is in immediate need of therapy, you should visit Kin and Kids. They are a team of qualified mental health professionals who adhere to a professional code of ethics and provide a wide range of therapeutic class and emotional well-being sessions for children and their families. 

They not only save lives but impart skills to their clients to continue their recovery journey efficiently. Your Privacy and confidentiality are highly respected. Their uniqueness comes into play when they employ a team-based approach for clients, couples, or families who choose to work with more than one therapist.

It is now an official testing partner for Malaysian MENSA with two centers in Malaysia, the society for gifted individuals (i.e. with an IQ in the top 2% of the population). If you or your child’s teacher thinks that your child is potentially gifted, you can refer your child for a gifted assessment at KIN & KiDS. Our psychoeducational assessments can be of great help in applying for membership into Malaysian MENSA.

  • Location: Kin and kids Kuala Lumpur:- 10-8, Binjai 8 Premium Soho, No.2, Lorong Binjai, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;  Kin and kids Petaling Jaya:- 5-05-03, Block 5, VSQ@PJ City Centre, Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya.

  • Licensing: Licensed and registered counselors 

  • Contact: +60193800902, +60186670902

Turning Point Integrated Wellness Sdn. Bhd.  

Turning Point Integrated Wellness Centre

One-stop psychological wellness services focusing on the integration of mind and body of individuals {children, adolescents, and adults}, couples, families, workplaces, and communities. 

For workplace support, they are a global provider of employee assistance program {EAP} with more than 10 years of experience. Your confidentiality and comfort are their utmost concern. They use HIPAA Compliant platforms to provide online therapy safely and effectively for every turning point of your life. However, they do provide offline services as well. 

With over 10,000+ counseling sessions conducted by them so far, they are a team of professionally trained clinical psychologists, registered counselors, and clinical hypnotherapists. What makes them unique is that they are Psychological and wellness professionals, specializing in creating “Integrated Wellness”

They organize periodic events for the welfare of the community and hold a record of serving 250+ organizations. 

  • Location: 10-2 and 10-3, Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia 

  • Licensing: Licensed and registered counselors, Malaysia

How to Choose the Right Mental Health Clinic in Kuala Lumpur?

Now that you have a list of options to choose from, it’s time to make a pick. Factors like proximity to your house, ease of access via public transport, flexible timings etc. are crucial to consider if you’re going to choose a therapist to work with in the long term.

Don’t look at just famous psychologists though — give people who you’d be able to be comfortable with a higher priority on your list. Be sure to check the kind of psychologists and psychotherapists they have available at their clinic and go that way. 

Choose based on these parameters instead:

  1. Their credentials
  2. Your preferred psychologist’s area of expertise
  3. Years the psychologist has been in business
  4. How comfortable you feel about the process with them
  5. Their awards and recognitions
  6.  Their gender, religion or anything else that’s important to you
  7. Their values and kind of reviews they have on Google My Business
  8. Their reputation and testimonials
  9. Kind of disorders they treat
  10. Their cost and special programs for helping the underpriviliged (Sliding scale therapy)

This should give you enough to narrow down your options and pick someone you can truly be open with. Good luck!

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