Short Overview What is an interpersonal conflict? Interpersonal conflict happens when there is a disagreement between two or more people, regardless of whether it is expressed verbally or non-verbally. The dispute often stems from the difference in values, expectations, goals, viewpoints, beliefs, and attitudes towards problem-solving. This may be because people have very different personalities, […]

Pediatric Occupational Therapy for Children

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Active and enthusiastic, kids are a joy to watch as they grow and develop. Nonetheless, they occasionally require some form of medical help. Do you know if your child’s primary care physician has recommended occupational therapy for your kid? Perhaps you’re wondering, “What exactly does a pediatric occupational therapist do?” Do you want some advice […]

Differences Between Psychologist vs Psychiatrist vs Psychotherapist

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist vs Psychotherapist

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist – Nowadays, it is not a luxury to take care of your mental health and seek the advice of professionals who can help you do so. With more people aware of the importance of seeking help, it’s now easier than ever to get the assistance you need. However, there are a plethora […]

Relationship Dilemma, a Selfish or Selfless Living?

Relationship Dilemma – A phenomena that often occur to couples that ‘got used to’ having each other around. People get into romantic relationships to fall in love and be happy with the person special to them. During early days into the relationship for the two love birds, sparks and hormone drives the bonding to care […]

Caring for Children with Separated Parents

Separated Parents – Separation is never easy for the couple, even more so for their children. Depending on the age of the children the severity of the effect from the separation can vary. Older children can understand and try to rationalize the situation, but younger children will be devastated. Attachment to primary care-givers is very […]

How Does Sliding Scale Therapy Work – Soul Mechanics

How Does Sliding Scale Therapy Works - Soul Mechanics

A major problem in Malaysia is that many people avoid treatment for mental health conditions and trauma because they cannot afford it. Even those with health insurance face this issue, as many policies do not cover any form of mental health treatment at all. Short Overview For many Malaysians, counseling fees can be a financial […]

Being Your Own Obstacle

5 Ways You’re Being Your Own Biggest Obstacle

Life is unfair and often throws unexpected obstacles at us. Being unyielding, we often find means to overcome these obstacles while crafting a path towards a happy living. However, life obstacles do not always come from external sources but also stem from within us. While growing up, there will be moments that most of us […]

Where Should Love Come From?

Where should love come from

We are always told to love one another, to nurture and grow love, also some would like to believe that love is everlasting and undying. Love can come in many forms but is always directed towards ‘ X ‘.X can be people, anything alive, material objects, an experience, etc. Hence in a way, love can be universal […]

What Can a Child Psychologist do in Malaysia?

Child Psychologist in Malaysia

Is there any way to tell when it is time for a parent in Malaysia to seek the help of a child psychologist? What do you need to know at each stage of the growing process? Is your child acting in a way that is typical for someone his or her age, or does he […]

What Does Art Therapy Do in Malaysia – Soul Mechanics

What Does Art Therapy Do in Malaysia - Soul Mechanics

Mornings are filled with anxiety about what lies ahead. Whenever you think about your job, the first thing that comes to mind is how much more you’d like it, but you have no idea where to start. Although your family members are wonderful, supportive people who are easy to talk to, you are at a […]