Spirituality In Mental Health

Many misunderstand that being religious and spiritual have the same vibe. It is not entirely wrong, yet not right enough. Nevertheless, these terms are interrelated with different meanings. Mental health is often forgotten when talking about religion and spirituality, but it is an important part of both.

“Spirituality is a personal or collective search for the purpose of life. While religion is a belief system, people have and practice in life.”

In other words, we can be highly spiritual even without a specific belief system. Still, most religious people are highly spiritual.

Looking for the definition of spirituality is about unravelling our inner awareness. We learn and apply the fundamentals of life: forgiveness, being kind, having a giving heart, being honest, and overall just being a good person.

Short Overview


Before we go deeper into the topic. Let us see what elements we should know and understand to maintain good mental health.

  • Physically
    We don’t have a chronic illness. We have good eating habits, balanced blood pressure, and no pre- or post-disability.
  • Mentally
    We understand our thoughts, we are open-minded to new ideas, we are willing to learn, we are open to changes, and take responsibility for our own.
  • Emotionally
    We understand what and why we feel certain ways, and we know that we can’t control our emotions, but we can control our actions.
  • Spiritually
    We enjoy the present, understand that we can plan but cannot determine the outcome or unpredictable things happen, and are less worried, highly grateful, purposeful, kind, and less talking about others.
  • Socially
    We can engage with people, enjoy meaningful communication with various backgrounds of people, accepting that everyone is different and it’s ok to not agree with them.
mental health spirituality


Are we high functioning spiritually? How to know if we do or otherwise? Let’s see if we have the characteristics to be one:

  • We ask always to have a question about the deep issue: suffering, pain, or life after death.
  • We have deep connections with other people.
  • We have compassion and empathy for others.
  • We have feelings of interconnectedness with others.
  • We always feel awe and wonder.
  • We seek happiness beyond external rewards.
  • We have and/or seek meaning and purpose in life.
  • We want the world to be a better place for others.


  • Explore and look into our spiritual core.
  • Spend time alone and practice meditation regularly.
  • Be interested and curious.
  • Be fully present in everything we do.
  • Listen with heart and live by our values and principles.
  • Allow ourselves to be the freedom, to be who we are.
  • Looking for an opportunity to grow and take on challenges.


Mental health is a lifelong journey, not just a mere destination. And it will need more than just one element to utilize this journey. When it is a journey, of course, everyone will have personal experiences that paint the mental being. Therefore, saying that the spiritual element is unimportant would be very arbitrary. We need to gain balance in spiritual, emotional, mental, social and, of course, physical health to earn mental well-being.

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