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How Does Sliding Scale Therapy Work – Soul Mechanics

A major problem in Malaysia is that many people avoid treatment for mental health conditions and trauma because they cannot afford it. Even those with health insurance face this issue, as many policies do not cover any form of mental health treatment at all.

Short Overview

For many Malaysians, counseling fees can be a financial burden. Sliding fee therapy is an option offered by some counselors to help alleviate some of it. With sliding scale therapy, it’s possible  to get the help you need without having to spend the full amount if you qualify for this type of fee structure.

What Is Sliding Scale Therapy?

Psychotherapists  use a sliding scale fee structure to help patients who are students or from lower income groups afford their services. There are few other  industries where sliding scale fees are used, such as legal services or dental care. Keep in mind that sliding-scale therapy is not a “discount” or a “sale” that is subject to fluctuation. The cost of sliding-scale therapy is determined by  the level of  your household income. 

The price of an hour in an office where the full price is RM250 is reduced to RM175 if you earn less than RM3000 per month, while if you earn more than RM4000 per month, you pay RM225 per hour

Otherwise, the LKM mandates that all counselors holding relevant degrees and licenses shall charge RM250 for a 60-mins session. Sliding scale fees are much more affordable.

How Can Sliding Scale Help?

A study conducted by MIT researchers confirmed what many psychologists around the world had already specultated: the prevalence of mental health issues is much more common in people who live in poverty. Those who have more financial stability are less prone to developing these. Yet, those are the people who can’t afford the help they need the most.

It’s also possible that some people with severe mental illness symptoms may be unable to work and thus have limited access to health insurance. A high deductible, even for those who have insurance, may prevent them from being able to afford treatment sessions.

In situations like this, sliding scale therapy serves as a way to ease the financial burden and allow a larger part of society access to mental health services.

Does Sliding Scale Therapy Affect the Level of Care I Will Receive?

Most of the time, the staff at the therapist’s office will use the sliding scale and take care of the paperwork for your convenience.

The most important tenet of sliding scale therapy is that even though the pricing is reduced, you will receive the same level of care from your therapist as someone who pays the full price. The mental health clinic that offer sliding scale do it to make their services more accessible, and as a way to play their part in furthering the WHO’s 2022 mission of increased mental health accessibility to all. 

Furthermore, psychotherapists rarely know   how much each person pays for individual sessions. A psychotherapist will rarely ever be involved in the billing process as this is something that the account department is responsible for.

Who Is Eligible for Sliding Scale Therapy?

Sliding scale therapy is an option for everyone, but especially those who make less than RM4000 per month in Malaysia. If you don’t have insurance or your therapist is out of network with your insurance provider, a sliding fee structure can be helpful. 

Sliding Scale packages encourage even those who have large families to seek out help as it can help offset some of the expenses that they might be unwilling to spend on a single person.  Sliding Scale takes into account these factors as well. When calculating the amount you will have to pay for a session with a psychotherapist, a mental health clinic will look at the following factors:

  1. Your household income
  2. Number of dependents you have
  3. If you have any preexisting chronic illnesses
  4. Other factors such as disability or unemployment

Based on these factors, a mental health clinic will help you subsidize the costs of your sessions with their counselor or psychotherapists. The actual amount of subsidy you receive will depend solely on their policies as there are no laws that mandate mental health clinics to offer sliding scale therapy. It’s best to check with the psychotherapist of your choice about the available options before you go for your first session. 

Who Is Eligible for Sliding Scale Therapy

Rules Of Sliding Scale Therapy

To get therapy at a cost you can afford, you can show a social worker or other clinical psychologists how much money you make and how many dependents you have.

The sliding scale rules vary from one psychotherapy clinic to the next. Pay stubs are sometimes requested as proof of employment. Others may rely on what you tell them about your earnings. In some cases, if your financial situation changes, you must notify the office within a certain period of time.

You and the therapist (or someone from their staff) should sign a contract outlining the rules. It is advisable to  thoroughly review the agreement and ask any questions you may have before you sign the contract. If you don’t qualify for sliding scale therapy and can’t afford to pay, a community mental health clinic may be a better option for you. 

How Soul Mechanics Provides Sliding Scale Therapy in Malaysia

Because we care about making mental health services more accessible to everyone, therapists at Soul Mechanics Therapy Centre, we adjust our fees whenever possible to make our services more affordable.  It’s important to note that the Sliding fee program does not lower the quality of care that you receive and we make all efforts to make your experience smooth with our counsellors.

Talking about fees, according to LKM, a single session with a licensed counselor costs an average of RM250 in Malaysia. Soul Mechanics Therapy Center, on the other hand, has a sliding scale therapy pricing model for those who earn less than RM5000/month and are in need of mental health services and can help you avail the same session for much lesser.

How Soul Mechanics Provides Sliding Scale Therapy in Malaysia

Our sliding scale prices are:

Price RangeRate
RM1000 - RM2000RM 170.00
RM2000 - RM3000RM 185.00
RM3000 - RM4000RM 200.00
RM4000 - RM5000RM 225.00
More than RM5000RM 250.00

Affordable Therapy in Malaysia

The sliding scale therapy offered by Soul Mechanics Therapy is among the most affordable in Malaysia. There are other affordable counselling service providers in Klang Valley,  Because the treatment for mental health issues can take a long time, our pricing plans make it possible for you to focus on your recovery rather than the financial costs.

In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, we also provide couples therapy, psychiatry, child psychology, and mental health counseling in areas of Klang Valley. We also serve areas including Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Puchong, etc. 

Sessions can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs and medical necessity. Our counselors are certified and have years of experience helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Contact us to learn more about our rates and services if you’re looking for a reputable mental health provider in Malaysia.

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