Relationship Dilemma, a Selfish or Selfless Living?

Relationship Dilemma – A phenomena that often occur to couples that ‘got used to’ having each other around. People get into romantic relationships to fall in love and be happy with the person special to them. During early days into the relationship for the two love birds, sparks and hormone drives the bonding to care and to show affection for one another.

However, as time passes, efforts may decrease, and partners may start taking each other for granted. You may even feel that your other half no longer love you as much, anymore.

So what should one do when in a committed relationship but no longer feel loved and cared for? Should I continue to give unconditionally or to care for my own emotional wellbeing? You can start by evaluating a few aspects of the ‘committed’ relationship.

How Committed is the Relationship?

For young couples without long-term financial ties, remember it takes two hands to clap, if you have tried your best communicating to work things out with your partner but things remain stagnant or worst. It is ok to end the relationship on a kind note if you do feel your mental health dwindling.

Because if one party of the relationship is persistent when the other is not interested, things can turn toxic and even harmful for both individuals. It is okay to allow each other the opportunity to
recover and explore life separately, to seek more suitable and meaningful relationships. How committed is the relationship?

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For married couples with shared loans to finance or even children to nurture, do consider sharing your situation with loved ones or a professional counsellor to obtain more input from different perspectives. It is going to be tough living in a house without love, takes you for granted and requires you to continue contributing. If you choose to remain in the relationship with your children and partner, you will want to be able to find joy and happiness while do so.

Otherwise living is going to feel like a chore, bitter and draining. You can focus on self-care, building a healthy routine and support system. Cooperation with your partner can also be good. Remember to manage expectations if either party cannot contribute unconditionally, effective communication is key. 

Relationship Dilemma, A Selfish Or Selfless Living

If the stakes are less, if all options are exhausted or if you have still decided to end the marriage after deep considerations, reach out to a lawyer to legalise the separation with clear terms. In this instance it is okay to acknowledge that you can come out stronger and a better version of yourself.

Last Line

With the experience of the relationship, you had the opportunity to learn about yourself better and how you like to be appreciated and loved. It is not wrong to want happiness and love in your relationship, hopefully, the process when seeking can be respectful and meaningful for yourself and the people that you cross paths with. 

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