Making Plans During The Pandemic

Making plans during the pandemic

With the fast-changing situation in the world it might seem difficult or even a little foolish to make long-term plans, many of us feel uncertain, lost and lacking structure. While we are all waiting for the world to come back to normal, it could be beneficial to all of us to start working toward our goals in life, even if it seems very difficult at the moment. According to the MIT university planning can help us decrease our worrying, increase our productivity and boost our self-esteem, as we feel more in control of our own lives.

Have you always wanted to start cooking complicated recipes at home? Or maybe you always wanted to learn a new language? Did you want to become a strong athlete? Or a humble yogi? Whatever it is you want to achieve you could start making first steps in that direction today! We, meanwhile, are going to provide you with some steps that could help you make your goals more achievable. 

Step 1: Envision

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal self in your ideal life. This life could be as close as a month from now or as far as 5 years away. Imagine every little detail, your feelings, activities you do. Be careful to not just imagine the life others want you to have but rather listen to yourself. And here you have it! All the important things for planning are now at your fingertips.

Step 2: Choose your goal(s)

Pick 1-3 goals that you would like to pursue to bring you closer to your ideal vision. Make those goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Also be realistic with yourself and don’t push yourself too hard to avoid burnout. Planning is meant to help you not bring you more stress.

Step 3: Break them down

Now it’s time to think of the small steps that you will make consistently to bring you to that goal over a period of time. It could be daily or even weekly habits that you can start implementing. Start slow and add more things as you go (only if you are comfortable doing them). 

Step 4: Assess the preventers

There are so many distractions, responsibilities and other factors that can contribute to our failure to achieve the desired goal. Try and foresee these things and write them down. What would you do to deal with those preventers? Is there anyone who could help you with them? Now you have a whole guide created by you yourself of how to bring the odds in your favour.

Step 5: Act

The planning process is useful and can help you greatly but only if you are willing to act upon it. Put those small habits (from Step 2) into your calendar, do them and tick them off with great satisfaction. Have the list from Step 4 nearby in case you face one of those preventers.

Most importantly be gentle on yourself. Do not punish yourself when you miss a day or two. We are all only human and can’t be (and really shouldn’t be) productive robots that make no mistakes. Be realistic, understanding and loving with yourself. We promise you consistent and sustainable actions will always bring you to the desired goals.

Meanwhile, plan well, stay home and stay safe!

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