Let’s Talk About Animals

Let’s talk about animals

As humans we often consider ourselves as superior to anything else on our planet. And while it might be true in some areas, like consciousness and adaptiveness, some animals show human like qualities. Today we would like to explore all the ways that animal mind resembles that of a human.


– Memory 

We all know how apes can complete difficult tasks and learn languages. But did you know that some birds, like crows, magpies and ravens, are also intellectually advanced. They are able to remember what type of food they hid, where they hid it and when. They also proceed to retrieve it based on this information (they first go to the “oldest” food). 

– Achieving goals

Also, many species seem to perform goal-oriented action and possess the same 2 mechanisms as humans: causal illusion (illusion that your action produced the desired outcome) and association (associating stimuli with items). 

Social interaction 

– Brain Activity

Humans are known to synchronise brain activities when interacting with others to facilitate social decision making. But recently mice were found to engage into the exact same activity! The research suggests that mice keep representation of their opponent in their head and alter it in the course of interaction. 

– Social Distancing 

Many animals also practice “social distancing”. This way some types of lobsters leave their den if they detect infected members of their group and infected ants try to stay outside of their nest to avoid getting other ants sick.  

– Friend vs Foe

There is also a strong distinction between friends and enemies and how animals behave around those. The more time spent next to another individual of the same species, the friendlier and less aggressive their relationship becomes.


Did you know that mice make a face expression for when they are in pain? Or that some animals develop “hate” for associates of their enemy? Also, just like humans who bite their nails, when feeling anxious, some animals increase their grooming procedures in times of uncertainty.  Animals often use emotional mediation as means for decision making. 

Of course, all these pieces of knowledge do not prove that humans and animals are on the same cognitive level, but it can help us be more pacifistic and more understanding of our pets and wild animals alike. Moreover, you can notice these things in wild nature and admire them!

Meanwhile, protect animals and stay safe!

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