How To Keep Your Love Alive?

How to keep your love alive?

Many people face a certain point in their relationships when it starts feeling like they are together out of habit, not out of love. This is an absolutely normal feeling and if you’ve ever had it, you’re not alone. With work, children, routines and chores it is difficult to maintain that excitement that you had when the relationships just started. But what if we told you there were some things that you could start doing to bring back that thrill and strong feelings of love? Of course, your relationship is different from anyone else’s and only you truly know what can work for you. But we would like to offer some tips in hope that they can help or at least give you an idea of how to revive that spark.

Don’t disregard date nights

Do you remember that feeling when you and your partner dressed up and took each other on beautiful dates to try and impress your other half? Well, that is a part of what made you feel that excitement. It’s the effort, the anticipation, the surprise. As time goes by, we tend to forget about those date nights and opt for a night by the TV instead. Dedicate a night a week (or maybe biweekly) just for you and your partner to go to a restaurant, or a painting class, or have a cook off. The sky is the limit, what’s important is that you both put a little more effort into the preparation. 

Go out of your comfort zone

It is important to get out of your comfort zone not only for the sake of your relationship but also for your personal growth. When we become too comfortable in our lives, we tend to disregard the small things, find less pleasure and live on autopilot. You could try a new type of activity with your partner, or travel to a new country or even move across the country! There are so many options of things neither one of you have tried before and who knows, maybe it will open up more opportunities in ever sphere of your life. 

Create clear communication

We all hope our partners can understand us without words because they know us better than anybody else does. The truth is, that no matter how well you know the person, you will never be able to read his/her mind. A safe space for discussing issues and sharing could resolve many problems that were piling up before. This in return will lessen the probability of unresolved issues, passive aggression and general dissatisfaction of the relationship. Moreover, you can communicate your wishes to your partner (whether it is about dates, presents, activities, intimacy or anything else), so they can do something to male those wishes a reality. And you should the same in return.

It’s the small things that matter

In the end our lives consistent of tiny moments and little deeds. To bring back that love and appreciation to your relationship you could do small things on a daily basis to feel closer and more connected to your partner. Try and put your phones away when talking to each other and maintain an eye contact instead. Kiss and hug each other when you can. Physical touch does wonders to relationships. Express gratitude and appreciation for the things your partner does. Learn to speak their love language and use to make them feel truly loved.

Always remember, that even though love is a feeling that happens to us unexpectedly, maintaining it is something we have to put some time and effort in. Take a lead in bringing that “flame” back and your partner will follow. The joint effort will cultivate that change in your relationship that both of you need. 

Meanwhile, stay in love, stay home and stay safe!

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