Growth Mindset As A Means For Growth

Growth mindset as a means for growth

We all are told to not be scared of mistakes but rather to learn from them. We all are told to believe in ourselves. But at the same time, we are all told that we do not have a talent for a certain thing so we shouldn’t try to pursue it. Our society gives us mixed signals on how to our mindset should be. Today we would like to explore growth mindset to make the best out of your own mind.

What is a growth mindset?

Growth mindset is a belief that nothing is fixed at birth and everything can be learnt through effort and repetition. Growth mindset is connected with resilience, strive for knowledge and greater development. Unlike fixed mindset, people with growth mindset do not desperately seek approval but rather actively enjoy the process of learning. Growth mindset is linked to easier acceptance of risk of failure if it means learning something in the process. In short, people with growth mindset value learning and effort over their initial ability and predispositions.

Avoid false growth mindset

There is a difference between encouraging yourself to try again after a failure and an empty praise. Moreover, growth mindset is not only about effort. The final result matters too, as no one wants to waste their time on something that bring nothing in the end. It’s not enough to praise yourself on the effort only. It is important to recognise and love the learning process, but also use it to bring success (whatever this word means to you). 

How to develop growth mindset?

– Avoid becoming defensive when faced with criticism

– Seek help from those who you find more knowledgeable

– Recognise you triggers for fixed mindset and tame them

– Replace “I failed at this” with “I learnt something today”

– Celebrate your progress (not end result) and share it with others

– Reflect on your learning process regularly

–  Set continuous goals but give yourself realistic time for accomplishment

As great and helpful as thins mindset sounds it’s important to acknowledge that no one has purely fixed or growth mindset. We all fall on the spectrum but with the given tips you can train yourself to adopt the growth mindset more often.

Meanwhile, don’t stop learning and stay safe!

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