Fun Psychological Facts

Fun psychological facts

We have been exploring many topics that can help you in your daily life. Today we want to present some interesting psychological questions (and of course short answers to them) to broaden your horizons and present some topics that might be interesting for your exploration

1. Why do you want to squeeze that cute dog?

When we feel too much of a positive emotion, we want to balance it out with something. Often, we turn to a little bit of aggression, hence the desire to squeeze.

2. Why are we always right?

All of us tend to actively search for information that proves what we believe in, while disregarding all the information that contradicts our beliefs. This phenomenon is called expectation confirmation. 3.

3. Does it really take a liar to know a liar?

Generally, people, who lie well, can also catch others in a lie better. This is often explained by the theory of mind, meaning that we as humans can predict what someone else is thinking. 

4. What do we actually remember?

Every time you think of some event, your brain has a tendency to make changes to those events. Next time you think of that event you will not remember the original one, but the altered memory of the previous recall. 

5. Is yawning contagious?

There is no proven cause of this phenomenon. However, the newest research puts forward a theory that people yawn with others to show empathy. This can explain why small children or autistic people don’t do this as often.

6. Is Plan B really a good idea?

It has been found recently that if people have a detailed Plan B, they are less motivated to succeed in Plan A, thus leading to failure. Next time you create contingency plans, make them vague to set yourself for success. 

7. Can people really change?

We often think that people change dramatically as they age. However, researchers found that most of our personalities stay relatively stable. There are some qualities that change however, e.g. anxiety levels, friendliness and desire of newness. Also, some traits, like extraversion, neuroticism and agreeableness change with age. 

8. Why can you only remember the beginning and the end of everything?

Recency and Primacy Effect suggests that we retain information best if it was presented at the very beginning (primacy) or at the very end (recency), while partially forgetting information in the middle. 

9. Who do we blame?

According to actor-observer bias, we often attribute our accomplishments to our internal factors, while our failures to external ones. When it comes to other people, we tend to do the exact opposite. That’s why you still haven’t reached your goal because your life doesn’t let you, but your neighbour hasn’t done it because he is lazy.

10. Why do we help each other?

In the course of human development, we learnt to help each other to make our world function better. Because of it, today we are programmed to return favours, and this is called “the rule of reciprocity”. This is often used by businesses when they offer us discounts and gifts.

11. Why do we go with the flow?

In one classical experiment the researchers found that 76% of people would go with the majority even when they truly believe the majority is wrong. When we change our behaviour to fit that of a group, it’s called conformity. 

12. Are you a cat or a dog person?

It has been recently found that your favourite pet may depend on your personality traits! Dog people are often extraverted and accommodating, while cat people tend to be introverted and curious. 

Hopefully you have found these facts interesting and maybe even realised what topics you would like to know more about. 

Meanwhile, be curious and stay safe!

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