Be Kind To Your Mind During Covid-19

Be kind to your mind during covid-19

Mental health problems are common, especially during this unprecedented time where Covid 19 new cases are so high every day. Remember to follow some quick and easy tips to cope with stress during covid-19. This will make you immediately feel better. 

1. Connect with others

It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry during a crisis. Talking to people you trust can help. Reach out to your friends and family. 

2. Know the facts 

Remember that not everything you read or hear about the virus may be true. Stay updated with information from trusted sources like WHO, MOH, and reliable, mainstream news portals.

3. Beware of “information overload”

Limit your worries and agitation by reducing the time spent watching or listening to media coverage or social media sites that you perceive as “upsetting”.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you are home quarantined or isolated for any reason, try to maintain your regular routine of proper diet, sleep, exercise, and social contact remotely. 

5. Reconnect with old hobbies 

Draw on good memories and feelings that helped you relax ve re-engaging your old hobbies. You can even take this opportunity to learn new hobbies that can help build a solid, stable sense of self and wellbeing. 

6. Healthily deal with Emotions 

If you have concerns or feel overwhelmed, talk to a professional at Soul Mechanics.

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