Dream Journal

Write down the dream you saw the previous night or any of your dreams or aspirations. Manifest your dream so that you feel motivated to bring it to life.

Food Journal / Fitness Journal
  • Write down what food you’ve eaten and what you plan to take during the day. This journaling will help you stay mindful of your eating choices.
  • List the milestones that you’ve attained.
  • Write about your fitness coaching session – Your experience and your expectations.
  • Set SMART goals.
Reading Journal

Colour one icon for every 20 minutes of reading.

Gratitude Journal
  • Write down the best thing that happened that day. Mention what makes it so special.
  • List down the reasons that you are grateful for.
  • Journal what someone said to you or did that made you smile.
  • Compliment yourself in the journal.
  • Write down a prayer.
Art Journaling

Use the journal as a medium for art therapy.

Bullet Journaling
  • Create a mental care checklist.
  • Create a self-care checklist.
Mental Health Journaling
  • Journaling to beat stress. Here are some of the pointers you could consider writing about.
    • What am I stressing about?
    • Why do I feel this way?
    • What are some things I can do to alleviate stress?
    • What’s in my control vs what I can’t do?
    • What are the possible solutions to my problems?
    • What do the solutions to my problems look like?
  • Write a letter to:
    Your younger self.
    Your ex: What would you feel like telling them but you never had the opportunity to tell?
    Someone dead.
    Someone you miss.
  • Think of a problem you have. What will your wiser self or God or favourite person or role model or favourite superhero advise you?
  • If your friend were to be in a similar situation, what would you be telling her?
  • List out how you express your love and how you like to be loved.
  • Write about a similar challenging situation that you have managed to overcome in the past.
  • How did forgiving someone change your life? When was the last time you forgave someone? What made you forgive them? How do you feel about yourself after you have chosen to forgive them?
  • List out some of your beliefs.
  • List out your fears. What is your biggest fear?
  • Write about someone you miss.
  • Write a note to yourself. Write about:
    • Something to remember.
    • Something you want to change.
    • Things you like about yourself.
    • Some patterns you notice about yourself.
    • Things you like to do someday